CBSE exam tips

January 17, 2011

Every student irrespective of how good they are in studies tends to have a slight aversion to the thought of exams due to some reason or another. It is but natural to find yourself getting more anxious and on the edge as the time for an exam approaches. But that is not to say that getting overly anxious is a natural process.  It is important to figure out good stress busters that will work in helping you become calmer and also allow you to cope with the situation.

Before exams, plan: Having a clear schedule is extremely important. When your CBSE exams approach, you have to sit down and chart out the weeks preceding it with a plan to prepare well. When you have worked out the portions you will be covering and how much time you will take you will be less pressed for time.

Read, revise, relax: When you read your portions again and revise you will achieve greater clarity and also more ease in learning a certain subject. The more well versed you get in a subject and the more acquainted you are with your portions, the less panicky you will feel.

Work on your strengths and weaknesses: Everybody has them, and you need to identify which are your weak areas and what your strong points are. Then you can allot and plan the time you will spend on improving your performance.

Take adequate breaks, eat right: You need to study in a manner where your mind and body are rested. If you are straining too much or not resting properly then your mind and body tires and the memory is not formed properly. Eating right and making sure you don’t overdo the caffeine and snacking is also important to good performance.

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