Effective study tips for Visual learners

January 24, 2011

The academic year 2010-2011 is almost nearing an end, with just a few months more to go for the exams. With a few days left for the exams and all the portions being completed, it becomes necessary to step into the next phase, which is studying and revising for the exams. As we are aware, students like to learn using a number of different techniques.

Students who like to see and learn are known as visual learners. Diagrams, charts, pictures interest visual learners the most and they are able to process information faster and better. A few tips for visual learners, which can help them ace in the upcoming CBSE exams are given below.

1.    Every school conducts revision while preparing for the exams. Sitting in the front row and having a clear view of your teacher, understanding the facial expressions of your teacher and visual aids used in teaching/revising will help you remember much better.

2.    Since visual learners, store the information as pictures in the mind, while reading; highlight the important points so that it stays clear in your mind.

3.    Make notes of important points, giving a small explanation while learning/revising. This will imprint the points in your mind for later revisions.

4.    Organizing is the key to success. While making notes, read them again, try to rewrite them. Reproducing the work again will reinforce the points that you are trying to learn.

5.    If the subject/topic has any diagrams or pictures in them, do look at them repeatedly. This will imprint the diagram in your mind.

6.    Relax and revise. Since visual learners focus mostly on seeing and understanding, it is better if you find a place where there are no distractions, to help you study better. Any place which is quiet and devoid of any disturbances, such as the library, will help in concentrating and learning better.

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