Finding the most effective learning style for CBSE students

January 20, 2011

When you know what the best way to learn is, the whole process of learning becomes far more effective. For many students learning is about reading, absorbing content and also about being able to retain the content effectively. The most effective style is one which  they are most comfortable in and used to and it is important to make use of these in terms of which style has the most affinity.

Visual learners: If you are a visual learner, you probably tend to grasp content best when it is seen in pictures, videos, graphical representation and so on. Maps, charts and written content are the best techniques for remembering and learning effectively for these students.

Auditory learners: This is the next category of learners wherein students learn through listening techniques. They read aloud, have discussions with their colleagues, say concepts out and recite them multiple times in order to learn well. They would be seen to best integrate the information through lectures, seminars, discussions and so on.

Kinesthetic learning: This is yet another process that is important to a students learning and growth. When you are a kinesthetic learner, you tend to learn best through movement. Touching, feeling and experiencing a number of sensations while learning makes the process all the more concrete in these individuals.

When learning make sure you experiment and uncover which style works best to help you move ahead in the classroom. Focus on your learning style to grow more competent and confident. Debate and discuss on various topics with friends and even teach someone else to learn effectively one subject at a time.

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