Preparing well for your CBSE exams

January 17, 2011

Everybody has to write exams at the end of the term. What happens is that some people tend to get more worked up about it than others. If you want to achieve academic success and score well for your CBSE Board exams, here are some simple tips you can follow.

When you are leaving for the exam, make sure you have everything in place. If you can take time out to gather all you will need the night before, it will be good.

Completely read the instructions prior to the exam. Unless you read and know what is expected of you, answering accordingly will not quite work out. The more clarity you have, the better you will be able to perform.

When working on multiple choice questions, first answer the question and then look at the options. That way you will have more clarity and be sure about your choice beforehand.

Work on easier sections of the paper before moving to more difficult or longer ones. If you are unsure, skip ahead to the next one, you can always revert back at the end to tackle a certain question.

Work out a reward plan with your parents for your exam achievements. Make sure you keep yourself motivated in order to achieve the goals you have set for your exams.

Have a routine in place before your exams so things will not be done in a haphazard manner, it will also help you to tackle subjects in the appropriate manner and not panic at the end date.

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