Role of First Aid in Disaster Management Projects

February 14, 2011

In the present era emphasis is laid on imparting knowledge to students across various verticals. An integral part of the educational curriculum is the assignments and the projects assigned to the students to develop them into responsible citizens. Some of the assignments are based on the real life experiences. One such project that made waves last year was on “ Pocket Guide on First Aid”. Lets us explore this world of First aid to acquaint ourselves to face the disasters and manage them in an effective way.

First aid is the initial care that one can provide to an ailing person or a person who has sustained a grievous injury. This treatment is given until a required definitive treatment is adhered to. Once the first aid is given to a patient, this can reduce the risk of further complexities that may occur as the consequence of the illness. First aid treatment can be done with the help of life saving techniques and with minimal equipments. First Aid concept has three important points enshrined in it. These three vital points are preserving the life, preventing any further harm and promoting the recovery of the ailing patient. Now that we have learnt about the concept of First aid let us learn about the project based on the concept of first aid.

Every student is required to know about the Pocket guide on First Aid. When you are making an assignment remember that the cover  page can e of a light blue color with a sign of red cross box on it, followed by an index. The following are the vital requirements of the project. It is known as DRABCD.

  • Danger
  • Response
  • Airway
  • Breathing
  • Compressions/Circulation
  • Defibrillation

The ingredients of the First Aid box are: Plastic bandages, sponge packs, Gauze, extra large plastics, Bandage scissors, pain relievers, First aid cream., burn gel to treat burns, Sterile pads, Micropore tape, Adhesive bandages, Extra large strips, tweezers, burn bandages, adhesive spots, surgical tape,  safety pins, knuckle bandages, alcohol preps, Iodine prep pads, antiseptic towelettes, butterfly bandages, eye pads, sterile eye wash, ammonia inhalant, antiseptic ointment, fingertip bandages, alcohol preps, water tight utility, instant ice packs, box of contents, elastic bandages transpore tapes and sponges.

When is First Aid Required?

In cases of heart attack, joint dislocation, childbirth, chocking, burns, in cases of drowning, heat stroke, bone fracture and in battlefields to treat wounds. It is also useful in treating anaphylaxis, gastro intestinal bleeding, poisoning, in cases of heavy bleeding and stroke.

The first aid pocket guide needs to have numerous adequate pictures to support the concept of first aid. One thing to be borne in mind is the motto of giving first aid. You can prepare a brief write up based on the awareness campaign strategy. This project needs to be carried in a group of students by dividing the work equally among them. The first aid pocket guide can be prepared under the guidance of doctors, health practitioners and volunteers of the Red Cross who are trained in this area. This first aid pocket guide can always serve as a ready-reckoner in case any information is required pertaining to the first aid.

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