Study tips for CBSE toppers

January 12, 2011

It is important for a student to have a certain routine or schedule in place. Especially in the current scenario with innumerable tasks and programs to be completed, it is all the more complex when students lack a clear purpose or routine. If you want to achieve the best scores and wish to perform well academically, then having a routine and also having a clear idea of how things are to be done is important.

The more disciplined a student is, the better his or her performance will be. Nearly every time, discipline is synonymous with success and recognition. Therefore structure and routine in the activities a student does is extremely important.

The next step to achieving and growing in academics is to have clear goals. It is not possible to always know all the answers but every now and then, one can plan ahead for at least certain short term goals. So long as there are targets to be met, there will always be a sense of achievement.

Taking proper breaks is virtually as important as studying. Most of the time kids lose out because they end up studying end to end without any breaks and exhausting themselves. This tends to make them forget what learning they have acquired as well.

Another important means to achieving academic success is to concentrate. Concentrate without any distractions on the task/subject at hand. The more focused you are the more results you will achieve.

Achievements come with hard work and persistence. It is not possible to see results without actually implementing and practicing the right techniques. The more effort is applied, the better results are achieved.

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