The importance of handwriting

January 20, 2011

Writing clearly and legibly is an important part of every student’s school life. Most of the time we get trained in a number of different aspects but not on this equally important skill. Having a neat and easy to read handwriting is a skill that is particularly essential when you need to write notes quickly during a hectic class hour.

We are all used to a number of different things around us but not to finding notes that are badly written. When you write things out at a slow pace the teacher gets far ahead of the class leading to still more a difficult situation. When you want to get all the content properly and also wish to have a good handwriting you have to work at it.

There are simple ways to improve your writing, the first step is of course to practice as many times as you can. The more resources you have the more carefully you can work on things. Start by buying simple books on cursive writing. Make it a point to write in cursive and ensure that you reward yourself as you improve. Today with computer’s and typewriters in place, the use of pen and paper has nearly grown obsolete. Wherein people were earlier required to write out and design with their free hands, computers can be used to produce attractive fonts and designs with a simple click. However the personal touch and importance of writing down content cannot be done away with as it is essential to the learning process.

It is important from a young age to cultivate the right way to hold a pen or pencil in the child. Let the process be one that is actively encouraged and done with concentration every day until good handwriting comes as an automatic habit.

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