Tips for auditory learners

January 24, 2011

Exams are a part of every student’s life. Every student has a different type of learning technique, such as visual, audio and kinesthetic. Of the three, auditory learners are the ones who learn better by listening. Since the majority of their learning comes by just hearing, any kind of audio/visual distractions can hamper their learning.

Given below are a few tips which can help the auditory learners to perform better in exams:

  1. During the revision sessions, sit in a place, where there is no sound or visual distractions. This will help in concentrating better.
  2. Read aloud. Listening to the content will help in better learning.
  3. Talk about the subject and topic, whenever given an opportunity. This will help in creating a familiarity with the topic repeatedly thereby building your learning.
  4. Study groups can be beneficial to auditory learners, as every person in the group will have to talk about the topic in question.
  5. Use a recorder to store the information that you need. Revising in terms of listening to the recorded tape will help in improving your knowledge of the subject.
  6. Keep repeating facts and figures as it will give you an opportunity to hear and memorize.
  7. Word association techniques, mnemonics or songs aid in memorizing.
  8. Find and appropriate place to study, where you can read aloud and not cause disturbance to others.
  9. In the exam hall, do not read the questions aloud, but in such a way that you are able to hear and understand.

10.  Read aloud in your mind the answers you have written in your answer sheets. This will help you identify the mistake and correct them.

Since exam halls are places where noise is not permitted, it becomes a little difficult for auditory learners to read aloud the questions and answers aloud. Make it a habit to read aloud in your mind which can be less noisy for others too.

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