Writing a successful book report

January 28, 2011

Our academics require us to study and play. Play time is always the fun time, while studies tend to take a backstage for some. Assignments, book reports and essays are incorporated in our academics to help us learn in a better-stress free way. Book reports are interesting as, they are an exposition giving a short summary of a book and a reaction to it. A book report is usually tailored to the audience.

There is always a set format which is followed when one has to write a book report. The content of the book report usually depends on the class of children who are writing it. In case of primary school children, basic details of the book, summary of the plot, followed by a few comments indicating the students views and opinions are recorded.

As and when the class progresses, so should the content. High school students will include the same details as the primary kids, and also explore the messages contained in the book. Kids will begin to share their view points and their opinions of the themes in the book.

As always the first paragraph of the book report gives an opportunity to make a good first impression. A strong introductory sentence will grab the reader’s attention. The author’s name, topic of the book and the title of the book needs to be mentioned in the first paragraph of the report.

The second part of the book report is the body. The body of the report contains the genre, important roles of characters, overall theme, recurring symbols, writer’s thesis, writing style and bias if any. After thorough reading of the book, the above points must be made a note of which will be incorporated in the body of the report.

Conclusion is the last paragraph of the report, where you can mention/highlight a few points such as :

  • was the ending satisfactory(if fictional), or was the thesis satisfactory (if non-fictional)
  • any interesting or notable facts about the author
  • is this book recommendable

Adding the above points in the last paragraph will always interest the reader as it gives a new dimension to your writing.

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