Effects of mining on the environment| Resources and Development | Formative Assessment in Social Science

September 3, 2013

effects of mining on the environment

India is rich in greenery and natural resources.  One of the tragic side effects of haphazard industrial development is over-mining and destruction and exploitation of forests, mountains and hill landscapes and other natural conditions existing in the country.  Mining scams revealing illegal mining activities are only now being curbed with increase in awareness and the tireless lobbying by activists.  Under the chapter Resources and Development, students of class 10 can get further insights on the effects of mining on the environment and discuss responsible mining and also alternative options by doing the following formative assessment activity in social science.

  1. Field trip: Students can be taken on a field trip to a mining site and witness firsthand the devastation that can be caused by over-mining with inputs from local environmentalists.  They can take photos of the mining site and even compare it with similar regions which have not been mined or with minimum mining impact.  They can also listen to a talk by mining officials to understand their point of view and also find out whether they are following environmental and other government norms.  Students can also check with the help of environmentalists and other local NGOs whether corruption is affecting the course of events and the local ecology.
  2. Discuss and write about the field trip experience: Students can discuss and then write poems and essays on the environmental devastation caused by over-mining and destruction of lush forests, water areas, hills and mountains.  Students can then discuss and even debate the pros and cons of mining activities and discuss the need and importance of sustainable development and responsible mining and finding alternative options.
  3. Discuss the need for responsible mining policy and alternative options: Students can then have a group discussion regarding the need for a responsible mining policy in India after doing research on the topic.  It can vary from mining industries requiring the mined area to be restored to as near as possible its original state as well to the possibility of alternative options to mining like recycling certain metals, for example, scrap iron is recycled instead of mined in certain countries.

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