Slangs and jargons

May 16, 2012

We all communicate using the different means of communication – writing and speaking. During the course of our communication, we use slangs, jargons apart from words which form the base of our communication. Merc, CPU, cool, dude are some of the popular jargon/slang used in speech and writing. Have you ever wondered what slang or jargon is?

Slangs are informal words or expressions which are considered acceptable while speaking. Slangs are seen to have their roots from a region, community or culture. Over a period of time, these slang words travel and spread across various other places, making it a very common term. One can also find that slang words are a mere shortening of certain lengthy names. Mercedes becomes Merc, Chardonnay becomes Chard and so on.

Over the years one can find that slangs have become a part of our communication. We do not much realize that a slang word is being used, but with careful examination you can find many in our vocabulary.

Jargon on the other hand refers to a term that is designed for a specific activity, profession, group or event. It is intriguing to know that the term jargon was used to refer to languages that were spoken by traders to communicate with people from various parts of the world. What started off as a simple way to communicate has turned itself to a rage and people have started using these words in their daily communication.

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