Community Outreach Programs

November 11, 2013

community outreach programs

Community outreach programs are an integral part of many CBSE schools across India.  They help students develop sensitivity towards the socioeconomic and environmental issues that may be hampering the growth of the community or the wider world around them.  By being involved in the community outreach program of the school, students will be able to play a small part in making a positive difference in society.  Instead of complaining or feeling helpless about certain issues like pot-holed roads, socioeconomic problems faced by people or garbage disposal issues, students will be able to collaborate and be actively involved in finding solutions to the problem.  Reflect on the following lines by Mother Teresa.

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean, but the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.”

Certain community outreach programs that students can be involved in are as follows:

1)      Educational community outreach progams: Educational community outreach programs include helping school dropouts and street children.  It could also involve improving the conditions in government schools and helping children from slums or from poor rural backgrounds.  Girl children education drives may also be part of such education outreach programs in some areas where discrimination against the girl child is rampant.   Some CBSE schools are deeply involved in such educational causes with student volunteers spending time bonding with the children from very troubled or challenging socioeconomic backgrounds and helping them with their academics and co-curricular activities.

2)      Environmental community outreach programs: Tree planting drives, rain water harvesting, composting and recycling and other environmental drives like saving polluted lakes can be part of the environmental community outreach program of the school.  They help in students becoming more environmentally conscientious and in helping students play a small part towards creating a sustainable society.

Community outreach programs are a vital part of the CBSE curriculum which focuses not only on academic enhancement but also overall enhancement including  a deep emphasis on co-curricular activities.  Many CBSE schools across India are deeply involved in community outreach programs which may seem like a drop in the ocean but imagine what many such drops can do.

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