Fun with chemistry

July 29, 2011

Chemistry is a subject which brings to mind a room filled with chemicals, test tubes, people noting down the various reactions by combining the chemicals and many more. Did you know that there are many chemicals that we use in our daily life? Yes, some of the common stuff that we seen in our home, the blue color in our jeans or the color of coke; everything has a little chemistry in it. A chemistry lab is a place to learn with hands on experience and also time to have fun. Children often like to experiment with new things, but with in a classroom setting, it is not possible to explore this subject.

Chemistry for kids is mostly centered in a lab filled with equipments, where people are constantly looking for results by mixing various components. The thought about chemistry being only the smart man’s forte needs to be changed. Teachers can make chemistry a better learning experience by introducing a couple of activities which help the students understand the use and benefit of chemistry.

Here are a few ideas which can be fun and also teach children various concepts.

  1. Making slime – all the boys in class will jump in happiness when they know that slime is something which can be made at home. A simple solution of borax, glue and water can help make slime.
  2. Ice cream – a chance for the girls to rejoice when they learn to make ice cream in a bag. Equipped with 2 ziplock bags of different sizes, milk, fresh cream, sugar, flavor, bags of ice are only needed for this experiment.
  3. Invisible ink – lime/lemon juice used as the invisible ink works well for writing secret letters. Just write with the lime juice on a piece of paper and allow it to dry. To unveil the message, hold it above a burning candle. Voila, your message is thus read.
  4. Ice crystal snowflakes – a nice little decorative item made easy with some salt or borax powder, boiling water, a wire shaped into a snowflake, a jar and a pencil to hold the wire up. By adding salt/borax powder to the boiling water and hanging the wire snowflake inside the jar with the solution, leaving it overnight can create wonderful snowflakes for you to hang in your room.
  5. Volcanoes – using mentos and any aerated drink, one can create a volcano. It can be done in a bottle and even used in science fairs.

Whoever said that science was boring and chemistry even more, has a chance to re-think, since science is fun and these activities are only the beginning to help one develop a love for the subject.

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