(sec-a- -tan-a)(1-sin-a)-=

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Show that (cos18+sin18)/(cos18-sin18)=tan63?

)/(1-tan18*(1)) the numerator and denominator by cos18 = (tan45+tan18)/(1-tan18*(tan45)) tan45 = 1 (cos18+sin18)/(cos18-sin18) divide numerator and denominator by cos(18) we get (1+ tan(18))/(1-tan ) - Sin18) { because Sin(90+A) = Cos A } =(Sin(108) + Sin18)/(Sin(108) - Sin18) =2Sin((108+18)/2).Cos

Prove : (1+cosA - sinA)/(1+cosA + sinA) = secA - tanA

TanA = sinA/cosA cotA = cosA/sinA 1 + cot^2A = cosec^2A tan^2A + 1 = sec^2A cosecA = 1/sinA ... Prove that (1+cosA - sinA)/(1+cosA + sinA) = secA - tanA 2. Relevant equations sin^2A + cos^2A = ... Prove that (1+cosA - sinA)/(1+cosA + sinA) = secA - tanA 2. Relevant equations sin^2A + cos^2A = 1 tanA = sinA/cosA cotA...

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Question:A) 3 sqr(2)/2 B) 2 sqr(2)/3 C) sqr(3)/2 D) 1/3

Answers:cos A = 1/3 a = 2 sin A = [1 - (1/3) ] = (8/9) = ( 8)/3 = a/c c = a / ( 8)/3 = 3a/ 8 = 3(2)/2 2 = 3/ 2 = (3 2 )/2 A) 3 sqr(2)/2 ............. correct answer B) 2 sqr(2)/3 C) sqr(3)/2 D) 1/3

Question:Thank you, I have 2 more I'm stuck on, this one, I don't see the substitution: Need to Integrate sec[x]tan[x]/(1+sin[x]) -- answer is ln|1+sec[x]|+C.

Answers:There is a typo error in the question. It should have been secx tanx / (1 + secx) dx in which case, numerator = differentiation of denominator => integral = ln l denominator l + c = ln l 1 + secx l + c.

Question:for 0
Answers:Draw a circle with radius 1. Then draw any line from the center to the perimeter (which is the radius) and make a perpendicular line to the x-axis from the point where the radius touches the perimeter. You will then get a right angled triangle inside a circle. Take the point where the radius touches the perimeter as (x,y). You will get cos A = x and sin A = y. Pythagoras theorem x2 + y2 =1 so cos2 A + sin2 A = 1. To solve the equations just substitute cos x and sin x into the equation then expand them to get the y value.

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Trigonometry Unit Circle sin cos tan cot sec sosec 1


LYRICS: In right triangles there's a lot you can do, and trig functions are there to help you. SIN, COS, TAN are what you need to learn. Once you get them down; a good grade you'll earn. SIN, SIN, SIN opposite over hypotenuse. SIN, SIN, SIN put it to good use. SIN, SIN, SIN find that side measure. SIN, SIN, SIN it's Lindsay's pleasure. If you need the height of a building to make a cat go splat, trig functions will help you do that. If you need to know how far that cat will drop, or how far you need to run to escape the cops. COS, COS adjacent over hypotenuse. COS, COS put it to good use. COS, COS use it whenever. COS, COS your best friend forever. SIN of 30 equals X over 5. Make it a fraction and cross multiply. As a result, the measure of the side will be equal to 2 point 5 (2.5). TAN, TAN, TANGENT opposite over adjacent. TAN, TAN, TANGENT we hope this makes sense. TAN, TAN, TANGENT get a calculator. TAN, TAN, TANGENT we'll see you later.

Trigonometry Functions - Sin, Cos, Tan, Csc, Sec and Cot

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