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Question:So my sister, who's in 4th grade obviously, needs help with this problems. I'm pretty sure you divide it and then round but I wanted to double check. The lighthouse at Point Reyes flashes once every five seconds, or 6,307,200 times in a year. About how many times does it flash in a year, rounded to the nearest hundreth thousand? If you know it ^^^ please answer. Easy 10 points.!(:

Answers:6 300 000 (rounded to the nearest hundred thousand )

Question:I'm trying to help my daughter (4th grade) with math homework but am not understanding the concept. She is given the number 1980. Then she has to list numbers 1 through 10 and write an expression to equal the number. For example, for number 1, the expression must equal 1. For number 2, the expression must equal 2 and so on and so on. She says the numbers must be used in order in the expression 1 9 8 0. I am not understanding how this is possible......any help?? :-)

Answers:These are the answers: 1-1 2-1,1 3-1,1,1 4-1,1,1,1 5-1,1,1,1,1 6-1,1,1,1,1,1 7-1,1,1,1,1,1,1 8-8 9-9 10-1,9

Question:Hello I'm in a 4th grade. Can you please help me anwser one of my math homework questions? I would really apprecite it! Here it is... David bought a television from the superstore for $399.99. He also bought a teleivison remote for $59.99. How much is the total including the tax?

Answers:I need the tax rate or percentage. Ok,the price of those items together is $459.98. And after you look at the tax rate you divide it by 100. Then multiply it with the tax percentage. Finally add the tax with $459.98 and their you get your answer.

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Little review PPT for our 4th gradestudents & I made it into a video w/ the help of the voices of 2 of my coteachers. Script: ======= Act 1, Outside Police Officer: Stop! Can I help you? Tony: Yes, I'm lost. Where is the school? Police Officer: Turn left, go straight, and turn right. Tony: Thank you! Police Officer: You're welcome. Act 2, Class Teacher: You're late. It's time for class. Tony: I'm sorry. Teacher: OK. Class, what day is it? CLASS: Today is ______. Teacher: Good. What do we study today? Mina: We study Art, Science, Math and English today. Act 3, Lunch Thomas: You look tired, Minsu. What time do you go to bed? Minsu: I usually go to bed at 11 P M. Tony: Wow, that's late. Thomas: What time do you get up? Minsu: I get up at 6 A M. Julie: What do you do at night? Minsu: I play computer games. Julie: Don't play computer games at night, Minsu! Tony: Yes, you should sleep more. Act 4, Playground Tony: I'm hungry. What time is it? Minsu: It's 6:40. I'm late for dinner. Thomas: What time do you have dinner? Minsu: 6:30. I'm late. Thomas: What about you Tony? Tony: 7 P M. I do my homework at 8 P M. Thomas: You do your homework at night? Tony: Yes, when do you do your homework? Thomas: I come home at 3:30. I do my homework at 4 P M. Minsu & Tony: Wow. You're a good boy. Act 5, In front of the school Julie: Did you have a good weekend? Minsu: Yes. I went to Zeeto's concert. How about you? Julie: I stayed home and cooked with my mom. What did you do Mina? Mina: I went ...

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