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Question:What are a few examples of the 2nd and 3rd law of motion?

Answers:Second law of motion being Force = Mass x Acceleration 1. Accelerating in a car requires force 2. The earths gravitational pull. 9.8m/s^-2 and your mass 3. Accelerating on a bike, less effort required once you build up momentum 4. Force of lift on an aeroplance. which is equal to the mass x the earths graviational pull to get it off the ground 5. many other similar examlpes

Question:examples of 3 laws of motion

Answers:Newton first law of motion:every body continues to remain in its state of rest or uniform motion along a straight line unless it is compelled by external force to change that state. First law of newton is also called the law of inertia. ex : A person sitting in a vehicle at rest has his whole body at rest.when the vehicle suddenly starts moving forward,the lower part of in contact with the vehicle moves forward.But the upper part of the body continues too remain at rest due to inertia.As a result,the person has a tendency to fall back. Newton second law of motion:The acceleration given to a body is directly proportional to the force and inversely proportional to the mass and it takes place in the direction of force. ex : A force of 0.12N acts for 3 seconds on a body of mass 0.4 kg at rest.Find the velocity gained by the body. solution : F=0.12 N, m =0.4 kg and t = 3 s. using the equation F = ma, 0.12 = 0.41 therefore a = 0.12/0.4 = 0.3 meter per second square Initial velocity of the body U = 0 so final velocity of the body is given by v = u + at 0 + 0.3 * 3 = 0.9 meter per second square Third law of newton states that to every action there is any equal and opposite reaction. ex:When a body reaming at rest on a table.The body exerts a downward force on the table equal to its weight (action).The table in turn,exerts on the body an equal force in the opposite direction (reaction).

Question:I have to draw about 5 pictures of force and motion for a science assignment. And I don't know what force and motion is yet (My class didn't start this unit yet) So can someone tell me some things or examples I could draw for this assignment (something easy to draw)? Or a picture of force and motion that I could print out?

Answers:Hey Jonathan. Motion is anything that is moving relative to something else. Force is Mass X Acceleration, so force is anything that is accelerating. A rocket taking off is acceleration and moving. A car slamming on its brakes is accelerating (deceleration is negative acceleration) and moving. A hammer hitting a nail is force and movement. I hope these ideas are helpful. Best wishes and good luck.

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Behavior of particles under non-uniform AC electric fields - parallel labeled sequence

Video related to research article in Lab on a chip Jonghyun Oh et al Comprehensive analysis of particle motion under non-uniform AC electric fields in a microchannel Read article at xlink.rsc.org

Uniform Circular Motion 2, Centripetal Acceleration, Centripetal Force

tutor45.com Example on uniform circular motion, centripetal acceleration, centripetal force.

Ben Murphy in The Uniform Motion of Folly, clip 1 of 2

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Roll Over - Uniform Motion - Rock Band 2 - Expert Guitar

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