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Understanding Algebra

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Question:1. The temperature in Minnesota was -8 F one day. This was 12 degrees less than the temperature in Indiana on the same day. What was the temperature in Indiana? 2. Mr Harding sold 100 shares of stock at $14 per share. He had a loss of $6 per share. What did Mr. Harding pay for each share of the stock?

Answers:Temperature in Indiana x: x - (- 8) = 12 x + 8 = 12 x = 4 Answer: 4 F was the temperature in Indiana. ------------ = $14 + $6 = $20 Answer: $20 was what Mr. Harding paid for each share of stock.

Question:1. Ashley used a micrometer to measure the diameter of a brass rod and found it was 0.121 inches. Samuel measured the same rod and got a measurement that was 0.0043 inches less than Ashley's. What was Samuel's measurement? 2. David estimated that he delivered 97,119 pamplets last year. If he delivered the same number each week,about how many did he deliver per week? Round your answer to the nearest whole number.

Answers:1.) Just do subtraction: 0.121 - 0.0043 = 0.1167 inches. Samuel's measurement was 0.1167 inches. 2.) Well, there are 52 weeks in a year, so just do division and round to the nearest whole number 97,119 / 52 = 1,868 pamphlets per week. David delivered about 1,868 pamphlets per week.

Question:the girls scout hoped to raise $1000 selling cookies. instead, they raised $1050. what percent of their goal did they achieve? F. 115% G. 105% H 100% J 95% A long distance company charges 26.95 per month plus $.14 per minute for all in state long distance calls. calculate the cost in dollars to make 225 minutes of in state long distance calls. PLEASE SHOW WORK SO I CAN GET IT. THANK YOU! thanks for showing your work and solving the problem for me! i really appreciate it!

Answers:1st word problem. 1% of $1000 =$10 1050-1000 = $50 so the answer is g. $50 / $10 = 5% 100% + 5% = 105% ----------------------------- 2nd word problem. for this, i made an equation and defined my variables. Let C represent the cost in dollars Let n represent the number of minutes. C = 0.14n + 26.95 If n=225 C =0.14 (225) + 26.95 C = 31.5 + 26.95 C= 58.45 The cost is $58.45 i hoped i helped you. =)

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Two Questions to Ask to Solve Arithmetic Word Problems

Solving an arithmetic word problem is achieved by understanding the problem and deciding what to do: to add, subtract, multiply, or divide. Two questions about the problem accomplish those goals: (1) What is happening, combining or separating? (2) How is it happening, just or neatly (by or into 2s, 3s, 4s, )? If the answers are combining and just, the problem is an addition problem. If separating and just, a subtraction problem. If combining and neatly, a multiplication problem, and if separating and neatly, a division problem. Go toMOVE IT Math on the web @ for lessons using Motley and mates to teach solving arithmetic word problems in elementary school math. The site is full of great basic math lessons that are effective with ALL children, including those who dont know what they ought to know by now and those who need enrichment. Please give us a chance to help you boost grades, increase test scores, and improve attitudes. EVERYONE can learn and like math. We are new to the web but have been making that happen for more than 35 years!

Solution to Grade 2-4 Math Word Problem - Basic Operations

Door-2-Math September newsletter solution to word problem #1 (Basic Operations): Miley has saved $27.00 for her trip to the mall with friends. She wants to by 2 hairbands at $4.25 each and 2 leather-bound diary notebook at $7.00 each. Does she have enough money? If so, how much will she have left over?

Solution to Grade 2-4 Math Word Problem - Averages

Door-2-Math Sept Newsletter solution to 2nd to 4th grade word problem set (part 2 of 2) AVERAGES: Jorge averaged 86 on the last of 5 math tests. If the scores for the last four tests are 68,92,95,78, what was the score on his 1st exam?

Singapore Math: Grade 3 - 2 Step Basic Word Problems

This presentation shows how bar models are used for simple word problems.

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