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Question:1.Cucumber placed in concentrated brine (salt water) shrivels into a pickle. Explain. * 2.Both NaCl and CaCl2 are used to melt ice on roads and sidewalks in winter. What advantages do these substances have over sucrose or urea in lowering the F.P. of water? * 3. What are the normal FPs and BPs of the ff solutions: A. 21.2g NaCl in 135mL of water and B. 15.4 g of urea in 66.7 mL of water. * 4.Arrange the following solutions in order of decreasing freezing pt. : 0.10 m Na3PO4, 0.35 m NaCl, 0.20 m MgCl2, 0.15 m C6H12O6, 0.15 m CH3COOH.

Answers:I can only answer the first one: 1. Pickling, or corning, is the process of preparing a food by soaking and storing it in a brine containing salt and/or acid (usually vinegar), a process which can preserve otherwise perishable foods for months. The resulting food is called a pickle. Pickling in brine often results in anaerobic fermentation, by either lactic acid bacteria or by yeast. If the food contains sufficient moisture, a pickling brine may be produced simply by adding dry salt. Some pickling forms, including sauerkraut and Korean kimchi, salt the vegetables to draw out excess water, then allow natural fermentation to create a vinegar-like solution containing lactic acid. Other pickles are made by placing the vegetable in vinegar. Unlike the canning process, pickling which includes fermentation requires that the food not be completely sterile before it is sealed. The acidity or salinity of the solution, the temperature of fermentation, and the exclusion of oxygen determine which microorganisms dominate, and determine the flavor of the end product.(McGee 2004, p. 291-296) When the salt concentration and the temperature is low, Leuconostoc mesenteroides dominates, producing a mix of acids, alcohol, and aroma compounds. When the temperatures are higher, Lactobacillus plantarum dominates, which produces primarily lactic acid. Many pickles start with Leuconostoc, and change to Lactobacillus with higher acidity.(McGee 2004, p. 291-296) Pickling began as a way to preserve food for out-of-season use and for long journeys, especially by sea. Salt pork and salt beef were common staples for sailors before the days of steam engines. Although the process was originally used to preserve foods, pickling is frequently done because people enjoy the resulting flavor. Fruits are sometimes pickled in high-sugar solutions or with flavorings such as cinnamon, mustard, or dill seed.


Answers:There are no particular "advantages and disadvantages", of colloids. They are simply states of matter. I mean milk is considered a colloid, it is fat and milk solids suspended in water. If it wasn't suspended in water I assume it would not look to appetizing as it would just be a gel or dried glop of solids if it wasn't a colloid. Colloids are simply the dispersion of one substance into usually some type of solvent , normally water. Colloids are substances that don't dissolve in the solvent, they are just suspended in the liquid. If you stir sugar or salt into water that isn't a colloid, because they actually dissolve into the water. But if you mix dry milk powder or clay or silica sand into water, it won't dissolve, it will just stay suspended for a certain time and then it begins to fall out of the solution , depending on particle size, density and such

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ElectrophoresisElectrophoresis is an electrokinetic phenomenon of the movement of dispersed particles (of colloid or protein solution) in a fluid or gaseous medium under the influence of an electric field. The phenomenon was discovered in 1809 by the professor of Moscow University, Ferdinand Friedrich Reiss.There are two main varieties of electrophoresis. In cataphoresis the processed surface has a negative electric charge, ie it is connected to a negative contact of the current source. In anaphoresis the surface charge is positive.Electrophoresis is widely used in medicine. It is often called a heating procedure as there is a feeling of light burning caused by the passage of an electric current.A medical substance is applied on the pads which go under the electrodes. The substance penetrates into the body through skin or mucous membranes under the influence of electric field. It influences physiological and pathological processes directly in the place where it is introduced. The electric current also has a neuroreflex and humoral effect.Medical electrophoresis has several main advantages. It is possible to introduce a small but significantly effective dosage of the active substance without saturating lymph, blood, and other internal environments. It is possible to accumulate the substance and also form a depot. Electrophoresis has a long acting effect, and medical substances are introduced in the form of ions which is the most chemically active form. Besides, a low ...

Advantages of Alternative Medicine and Colloidal Silver

Dr. Richard Harris talks about the benefits of alternative medicine vs. pharmaceuticals and drugs. Mr. Harris is a retired pharmacist and Doctor of Pharmacology.

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