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Charts Graphs & Other Useful Diagrams

This for this grow. It apparently is pretty accurate. Attached Images Herre is another little diagram I had saved... Attached Images Inverse Square Law. Inverse-square law - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The bus makes . If you re just cutting them in a wall you should be fine using 8 or less holes without having to take

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Question:Can someone recommend a drawing program that can create 3-D graphs? Thanks!

Answers:Oh yes.. I do it all the time.. all types of 3-D graphs but I use ONLY the PowerPoint program.. If you have that.. it is easy

Question:disadvantages and advantages of using posters and charts for lower primary children..

Answers:disadvantage costly advantage more understandable

Question:I'm in the process of creating something tactile for my blind student who is learning about the different types of graphs in his 3rd grade math class. I want to create pre-made graph labels in Braille but am curious to know what would be some labels I could make that are commonly used in graphs? So far I have the days of the week, months of the year and the seasons and I plan on making individual letters and numbers. Any other suggestions? Serious answers only please. Thanks in advance!

Answers:Stress and strain graphs are common in engineering, in accounting it would be quantity over time, or production over time. The census is this year and it covers the population growth over time. Then there are pie charts or pie graphs that take a value of 100% and divide it into its components, like the time it takes to make a car, or the amount of money in your budget. Bar graphs are most often used for quantity over time graphs since they cover a point in history not all the points in between. Stress graphs point out how much stress an object can take before it reaches a plastic zone and then suddenly failure. This graph covers ALL the points across it so that unlike a bar graph each tiny interval of time has a real value, not just the ones noted in the margins of the graph. You can buy various grades of sandpaper, use felt and burlap or other cloth for the texture to be different for each value. Make a bar graph of the us population ( or a pie graph with an example household budget, I would use various textures for each entry. You could also do a chart with the sales of your new pretend automobile the Tabby Cat, and then pretend to have a decrease in sales due to the economy and and due to a brake problem. You could cut the felt or sand paper to show the peaks and valleys over time for the sales of your pretend automobile.

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Getting Started with Flash Charts using RPG Today, we will be talking to one of our RPG developers, Alan Smith, who we will demonstrate an easy-to-use option for charting your IBM i data. When it comes to viewing and analyzing data, a text-based interface may not be enough. Visualization can add a whole new dimension of understanding. While RPG wasnt originally created for graphical representation of data, this task is surprisingly simple today with a browser-based interface powered by RPG. With the right approach and a little help from Flash, it takes very little effort to create stunning 2D or 3D charts and graphs directly from RPG code. Brought to you by Profound Logic TV, Educational Videos for the IBM i (iSeries System i / AS400) Professional.

Create a Pareto Chart in Excel Using the QI Macros

A pareto chart shows where effort can be focused for maximum benefit. The pareto chart combines a sorted bar graph with a cumulative line graph. The bars are placed from left to right in descending order. The cumulative line graph shows the percent contribution of all preceding bars. Often, two or three "big bars" represent most of the problem (80/20 rule). Its easy to draw a pareto chart in Excel using the QI Macros SPC Software. For more information see Download 30 day trial at This video shows you how to create a pareto chart in Excel using the QI Macros

Excel 2007 - Creating & editing charts and graphs

Excel 2007 - Creating & editing charts and graphs Please note that I no longer own the domain or maintain the website. I am no longer in teaching (thankfully!) but I can still be contacted if you have any questions. Just visit... ...where you can drop me a line, as well as finding some of the old resources which used to be on the old site.

DIY Chart Builder - Free online create and design charts and graphs

DIY Chart is a Web-based, simple and powerful online tool to create interactive charts and graphs from static or dynamic data which may be generated using any scripting language.

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