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Answers:acetylene is a common name for ethyne it is an alkyne the smallest.

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Answers:I think is because of alkynes has a triple bond between carbon-carbon bond so less energy is required to break to bonds, hence it is more reactive compared to alkanes and alkenes.


Answers:All these compounds are are simple hydrocarbons containing H and C. The C-C bonds are all single bonds in alkanes. Wheras an alkene will contain C=C double bond(s). And an alkyne contains a C to C triple bond. Another way to look at it is the alkanes has no functional group, alkene has a double bond as functional group, and alkyne has a triple bond as the functional group. This difference in funtional group means that they will react differently. For example Br2 will react with alkenes and alkynes, but not with alkanes. Their melting points and other physical properties will be different (eg their IR spectra will be different).

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