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Question:For what values of x will the angle below be acute? It shows a angle with the equation (4x-18) and the equation is in the angle place.

Answers:In order for an angle to be acute, it has to be <90 . So: 4x 18 < 90 4x < 108 x < 27 x has to have a measure of less than 27 in order for the angle to be acute.

Question:find the equation of two lines that make a 45 degree angle with the graph of the given equation and pass through the given point. Given: x - y + 3 = 0, (1,4) i tried to find this online or on youtube, but can't find it ANYWHERE! please help me. I have a quiz on this tomorrow and I have a 80% in that class.

Answers:m = 1 ..... the slope of the given line m = 0 ..... the slope of desired line #1 (at -45 to the given line) m = inf ... the slope of desired line #2 (at 45 to the given line) Answer: y = 4 and x = 1

Question:what is the supplementary angle measurement of a 145 degrees angle?

Answers:I'll answer, but I'll tell you how to do this by steps. Supplementary angles are angles that equal 180 degrees, so you could think of it as an equation. 145 + x = 180. Just subtract 145 from 180 and you will get your answer. Which is 35 degrees.

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This is a demonstration video that explains how is possible to learn mathematics online trough Skype video call and using graphics tablet and option of sharing screen in Skype . Please comment , make suggestion , maybe you have some wishes about areas of math to be concerned in my next videos ., or you have advices for me to improve my videos . Also , please visit me at :

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