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Answers:This is a very very serious and think oriented matter that how it is effective and efficient the mony spent in wildlife protection and conservation. We know that all life depends on a healthy, well functioning ecosystem. But I donot think that proper activities have taken place in this regard. To have a well functioning ecosystem the concerned departments, the governments as well as the peopne in mass to adopt a policy of a mission to bring about such a society where there is wildlife very much and in no any danger and extinctions are in far extent distance, a society where wildlife is loved by all and identify the importance of bio-diversity for their own existence.. We all must work very hard together to save not only the endangered species from extinction, but those domestic animals also who r also very much in danger and we are very much cruel for them. There must be a policybased plan and project to protect habitats also, so many instances are there that the wild animals are coming out to the residential areas and we show our brutal strength towards them. There is also a urgent need to adopt a policy to improve ecological infrastructure in our country by maintaining a common effort of all government, non government, different social institutions with active participation of people from all strata of the society. We must go for such an environment where biodiversity is at no risk due to sufficient habitat, well manager ecosystems, The government and their departments and agencies has done so far is good, but not sufficient. I think we have to go with some proofessionals and to take help to preserve wildlife. Conservation of flora and fauna is a key to maintain the ecosystems, and there are cultural, ethical, aesthetic and economic reasons to conserve species. We believe that focused research and well designed restoration projects are the foundation to protecting species for future generations. Governments alone cannot solve all our problems. Important as they are, they are only part of the solution. Also needed are individual responsibility and actions to undo man-made damage. We must learn to make decisions based on their impact on the Earth and their contribution to sustainability. All life depends on a healthy, well functioning ecosystem. We must know that, Also- The Earth has a limited supply of resources which must be shared by all living things. Effective Conservation efforts are guided by sound scientific research. Targeted restoration can undo damage caused by man. Humans are part of nature, subject to its rules. We violate the rules at our own risk. Biodiversity is the variation of life forms within a given ecosystem, biome, or for the entire Earth. Biodiversity is often used as a measure of the health of biological systems. The biodiversity found on Earth today consists of many millions of distinct biological species, which is the product of nearly 3.5 billion years of evolution. There are a multitude of anthropocentric benefits of biodiversity in the areas of agriculture, science and medicine, industrial materials, ecological services, in leisure, and in cultural, aesthetic and intellectual value. Biodiversity is also central to an ecocentric philosophy. It is important for contemporary audiences to understand the reasons for believing in conservation of biodiversity. Support for conservation includes our benefit from biological diversity and the things that we lose as a result of species extinction, which has taken place over the last 600 years. There are many benefits that are obtained from natural ecosystem processes. Some ecosystem services that benefit society are air quality, climate (both global CO2 sequestration and local), water purification, disease control, biological pest control, pollination and prevention of erosion. Non-material benefits that are obtained from ecosystems include spiritual and aesthetic values, knowledge systems and the value of education. Biodiversity addresses the importance of life and provides modern audiences with a more clear understanding of the current threat to life on Earth. I think u got your answer and for kind information u just open the wikipedia, all required knowledge u surely will get there.

Question:"Human Cloning" is the creation of a genetically identical copy of an existing, or previously existing human or growing cloned tissue from that individual. The term is generally used to refer to artificial human cloning; human clones in the form of identical twins are commonplace, with their cloning occurring during the natural process of reproduction. Understanding cloning Although genes are recognized as influencing behavior and cognition, "genetically identical" does not mean altogether identical; almost no one would deny that identical twins, despite being natural human clones with identical DNA, are separate people, with separate experiences and not altogether overlapping personalities. However undramatic it may sound, the relationship between an "original" and a clone is rather like that between identical twins raised apart; they share all the same DNA, but little of the same environment. Ultimately, the question of how similar an original and a clone would be boils down to how much of personality is determined by genetics, an area still under active scientific investigation.

Answers:It is going against creation.

Question:I'm a high school junior and I'm doing a research paper on advanced artificial intelligence (Sounds boring, I know, but after looking into it, there's a lot of information out there and it's actually a lot more interesting and fun than I thought it would be!) and I need to conduct a survey for the paper since that's one of the requirements. I just need to know: What are the good and bad things about having robots around in our society? The robots I'm talking about would be robots that are similar in appearance and intelligence to people. So, would they make good household servants? Good companions? A better workforce? Perform public services? I need imput! PS-- I need genders and ages in the responses that I get, so that I can tell how varied the public opinion is. No names, if you don't want to give it, but please put your gender and your age. Thanks!

Answers:A.I. has so far not been accomplished, not in any shape or form. It seems that the average people see it as a possibility, mostly because of the movies, but in the real world it doesn't look like it can happen. A.I. is still ways ways ahead in the future, if it ever happens at all. Furthermore, we are still unclear of what intelligence it; at this moment, we don't understand exactly what is intelligence. Robots, in general, are good at repetitive tasks. Humans usually start making mistakes after so many hours of repetitive working. It is unclear that having a robot as a 'household servant" will ever happen.

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How to Rig Your Python Darter - A Casting Spoon Made to be Rigged with Artificial or Live Bait The Python Darter has tremendous reflective qualities with its hammered finish on one side, and its smooth finish on the other side. 24 karat gold, genuine silver, or the chartreuse chrome finish are great for a number of various game fish or fishing conditions. If you like to cast, you will love using the Python Darter! You'll be able to cast them a country mile. Tip when using natural bait strips with your Python Darter, you will be creating a scent trail for fish to hone in on and strike, which gives you a great advantage -- if using artificial plastic baits, use those that come pre-scented (or add scent to them), as this will also create a fish enticing scent trail! Sizes and Specs: Small o Weight: 3/8 oz. (10.63 grams) o Length of spoon only : 2.1875 inches (5.6 cm) o Total overall Length: 5.625 inches (14.3 cm) Medium o Weight: 1/2 oz. (14.17 grams) o Length of spoon only : 2.875 inches (7.3 cm) o Total overall Length: 7 inches (17.8 cm) Large o Weight: 1 oz. (28.35 grams) o Length of spoon only : 3.625 inches (9.2 cm) o Total overall Length : 8 inches (20.3 cm) All Python Darts come with solid stainless steel welded rings, attracting beads and buck tail, along with a single (super strong and super sharp) Mustad O'Shaunassy hook, with a duratin finish. The Python Darters come available in either of the following colors: 24 karat gold; genuine silver; chartreuse/chrome. Python Darters are fresh water and salt water ready and are great for ...

Pond aeration systems by Airmax Ecosystems

Learn how a pond aeration system by Airmax Ecosystems can breathe new life into you pond. Proper pond aeration is by far the most important step in creating the perfect ecosystem in any large pond or lake. Maintaining a clean, healthy pond can be simple once you understand its life cycle and learn to work with Mother Nature, not against her. In the next few minutes, you'll learn more about the natural life cycle that occurs in every pond, and how the addition of The Airmax Ecosystem gives you a clear advantage to achieving a cost effective way to keep your pond or lake clean, clear and healthy. The Airmax Ecosystem pond management program, often referred to as the "fountain of Youth" for ponds, is a simple process that works with mother nature to stop many of the common problems associated with a pond. The results are a clean and healthy pond. Even today, many pond owners rely solely on REACTIVE pond management practices to keep their ponds clear of excessive, unwanted, aquatic growth. They typically wait for the problem to appear, then treat it chemically. Although sometimes necessary as a management tool, chemical applications are only a short-term fix and act as a bandage to the real problem. Chemical treatments can only kill aquatic weeds. In turn, the aquatic weeds remain in the pond as decaying organic material which, over time, becomes muck feeding future aquatic weed growth. With the introduction of the Airmax Ecosystem pond management program, pond owners have ...

Natural Ecosystem Of The World

Check us out at Everything in the natural world is connected. An ecosystem is a community of living and non-living things that work together. Ecosystems have no particular size. An ecosystem can be as large as a desert or a lake or as small as a tree or a puddle. If you have a terrarium, that is an artificial ecosystem. The water, water temperature, plants, animals, air, light and soil all work together. If there isn't enough light or water or if the soil doesn't have the right nutrients, the plants will die. If the plants die, animals that depend on them will die. If the animals that depend on the plants die, any animals that depends on those animals will die. Ecosystems in nature work the same way. All the parts work together to make a balanced system! A healthy ecosystem has lots of species diversity and is less likely to be seriously damaged by human interaction, natural disasters and climate changes. Every species has a niche in its ecosystem that helps keep the system healthy. We are learning about new species every day, and we are just figuring out the roles they play in the natural world. By studying and maintaining biodiversity, we help keep our planet healthy. In a lake ecosystem, the sun hits the water and helps the algae grow. Algae produces oxygen for animals like fish, and provides food for microscopic animals. Small fish eat the microscopic animals, absorb oxygen with their gills and expel carbon dioxide, which plants then use to grow. If ...

ARIES: ARtificial Intelligence for Ecosystem Services

This movie is a short introduction to the ARIES project, a new way to understand, quantify and value the services that natural ecosystems provide to humankind.

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