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Question:Hey, I just registered for this math course in my university and it involves a lot of integration and differentiation. I have never learned about these before, my math background is more based on using graphic calculators and such. Anyway, I want to know if there are some good places to quickly learn the basics of integration and differentiation, their meanings, formulas i need to have memorized, etc. Thanks!

Answers:there are 2 great ways. One of them is not the following two links that covers the rules Derivatives: Integrals: The next one is my most favorite, call Open Course-Ware. It's the program they have at MIT that gives the general public access to all sorts of stuff on their class, EVEN VIDEOS OF THE LECTURES! ^^That's the math page. Use it wisely!

Question:I have an assessment test on 21/6/07 to determine my levels of literacy & numeracy in order to get on a bricklaying course. My weak spot is maths and I have been told that I will not be able to take a calculator into the assessment with me, which will last about 2 hours. Some of the topics listed are: 1. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division numbers. 2. The calculation of areas 3. The calculation of percentages 4. The calculation of volumes I feel that other areas of the assessment listed would not be a problem to me. I also think that this would only be a basic test but I'm concerned about working out percentages & volumes in my head. Can anyone please please help me a.s.a.p. Thanks in advance.

Answers:Hi, theres a few ways to 'cheat' at working our areas of brickwork. I would suggest looking at Baggerige bricks website theres absolutely loads of info on there!! It's a really good brickwork site and shows all sorts of things. as they have a relevant section on calculating materials and stuff like that, the questions you get asked for brickwork are likely to be 'calculate the bricks required for this area', and often requires triangles to be calculated, which is done by adding twice the base times the height. There are 58 bricks in a meter (squared) but lets call it 60, so a 4m high wall, 5 meters wide is an area of 4x5m=20m (squared) 20x60 bricks per M squared is 2x6=12 add the 0's back on =1200 bricks. **** On the baggeridge website their 'calculator' has numbers around the outside and you click on the red arrows to increase meterage, a normal size brick is 215X65 mm sized. The sizes of brick is at the top in blue, and as you spin the disk to add up more meters the number in the box changes, depending on what the brick size is per meter of work. I would concentrate on the 215X65 size and try to memorise the first 10 numbers that come up, 60,120,180,240,300 (300 bricks is a surface area of 5 meters) 600 bricks is required for 10 meters squared (in other words a wall 5 meters long and 2m high, or 10 meters long and 1 meter high, or 20 meters long and 500 high).**** Really you need to learn your 60X tables or 6 X tables with a 0 on at the end to be fore-armed! 1X60 =60 1X60 =120 3X60 =180 4X60 =240 .......this is how we work out how many bricks and also area of cubes for concrete too.

Question:well, basically I have a combo box with 3 columns and I named it Product. I want the 2nd column to appear in a text box so I put in this formula into the Control Source of the text box: =[Product].Column(2) but it doesn't work!!! and I don't know why!!? Can anyone help me have I made a mistake in the formula??? Or is it wrong. I used it before in my form but that was in the main form. This is in a Sub Form that i have created within the form. Please Help me!!!

Answers:Your second column will have a value of 1 =[Product].Column(1) You need to go to the after update event of the combo box and enter YourTextboxName = [Product].Column(1) For FREE Access ebook and videos click here

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Excel Basics #15: Date & Time Format & Calculations

The Excel Basics Series shows a systematic description of what Excel can do from beginning to end. #15 Video topics: 1)Excel Date Calculations and Format 2)Excel Time Calculations and Format 3)Date Format Math for formulas 4)Time Format Math for formulas 5)Calculate the Days an Invoice is Past Due 6)Create a Time Sheet in Excel (Time In and Time Out) 7)Payroll Time Sheet for wages and hours

The Midpoint Formula

This video illustrates how to use the Midpoint formula to find the coordinates of the midpoint of a line, when you know both endpoints. This is required for advanced high school Math courses, and some basic college Math courses. For more instructional videos, as well as exercise and answer sheets, go to:

MathFoundations26: The basic framework for geometry (IV)

Angles don't make sense in the rational number system. The proper notion of the separation of two lines is the `spread' between them, which is a purely algebraic quantity and can be calculated easily using rational arithmetic only. This video highlights some of the advantages in replacing `angle' with `spread'. It also gives an explicit formula for the `inverse cosine' function, which rarely appears in trigonometry texts, despite the universal reliance on this function via calculators.

Basic Math Practices, Addition/Subtraction preview

This is a game i made recently. The idea of it is to help young kids just starting to learn there Addition/Subtraction. The game is 10 levels long. It has 180 addition/subtraction problems in all. Instead of the child trying to memerize a whole lot of problems at one time, the 180 problems are a series of repeated math problems. By the time the child gets to the end of the game he/she should have memerized some if not all of the math problems! In the preview it shows the 1st level being played and a little of the 2nd. Note to parents: This is made for young children. So if you believe it might help your child it is for sell on Ebay! Here is the link to my listing: Send me email at:, if you want me to let you know when its ready to sell. Or if you have any questions at all.

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