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Triangle arrowheads...

types are no matter where they are from. Whether they are from any part of the USA or even a foriegn they are basically the same point. You could take those last 4 in Johns hand and throw them down on one of Ft of the best triangles I have ever seen

Basic maths !!

Up to 360 ) 7. Shape and Space Angles Acute Angled Triangle Right Angled TriangleObtuse Angled... Sine Cosine Tangent SOHCAHTOA 3D Geometry Bearings Triangles without Right Angles Sine Rule Cosine of Prisms Dimensions Geometrical Similarity Equilateral Triangles Area Factor Volume Factor Locus 8

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Question:I really need to know. I'd appreciate anyone who can fill me in. Thanks.

Answers:Power supply - changes house electricity (110v) to 12v and 5v that the computer can use. System Board - also known as the motherboard. Additional cards, RAM, processor, all connect to this. It provides a path for the information to flow. Hard drive - data and program storage Processor - does all the work RAM - stores short term information

Question:Please help me out on this one. Please give an explanation and an example for each... please help me

Answers:Help! Mary and I are going to go shopping around the town and we want to sing loudly while we buy our pretty dresses. Help -- interjection Mary -- noun and -- conjunction I -- pronoun are going -- verb phrase (are is helping verb) to go (verb phrase -- infinitive) around the town (prepositional phrase -- around (preposition) the (adjective) -- town (noun) and (conjunction) we (pronoun) want (verb) to sing (verb phrase --infinitive) loudly (adverb) while (conjunction -- subordinate) we (pronoun) buy (verb) our (pronoun functioning as possessive adjective) pretty (adjective) dresses (noun)

Question:A labeled diagram would help too. :]

Answers:links below, there are more than ten parts. I'm not sure which parts you are focusing on.

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Alias Love Triangle Part 3

Third part where we discover the truth about Lauren, and things deepen between Sydney and Michael

Solving Right Triangles (part II)

Solving a right triangle given the length of one side, and the measure of one angle.

Solving Right Triangles (part I)

Solving right triangles is to find all 3 sides and all 3 angles for a triangle. Use SOH CAH TOA, pythagoras, and sum of angles in a triangle. Example here is how to solve a triangle when you are given the length of two sides.

Basic Math Perimeter & Area of Two Dimensional Learn about closed figures, a polygon and linear measure. In the first part of this lesson you will learn how to find the perimeter of a: - triangle, rectangle & square - polygon and a regular polygon - circle (the circumference) - composite figure In the second part of this lesson you will learn how to find the area of a: - triangle, rectangle & square - polygon and a regular polygon - circle - composite figure - parallelogram - rhombus - trapezoid This lesson contains explanations of the concepts and 18 example questions with step by step solutions plus 5 interactive review questions with solutions.

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