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Question:I am a manufacuring engineer (mechanical) in the medical device industry - involved with production line support. I have been in a production line support role for about 10 years and am ready for a change. My strengths are project management, communication/intepersonal skills, and leadeship. I am leaving production line support all together because it is at times, stressful with little recognition and growth opportunities. I am considering project mangement, marketing, or productions supervising/management. What do you suggest?

Answers:If you are going to consider production supervision/management, then you will not be leaving production line support "all together"....In fact you will probably be more involved than ever. Instead jump to the next step in the process... Final packaging and distribution, but change product fields. Go to a product that is more consumer based. In this area you can use all of the positions you are considering.

Question:You might remember talking about "solids of revolution" in Calculus. My question is, if I have a specific curve drawn on a piece of 2D poster board, how should I go about forming the corresponding 3D solid of revolution out of real materials in the real world? What is the method usually used in the manufacturing industry?

Answers:A lathe is the natural tool for making solids of rotation

Question:its a simple project, assignment can any1 tel me more about 1.definition about Industrial Waste(IW) 2.Sourses of IW 3.type of pollution 4effect of improper disposal 5.method of controling improper disposal 6.or do u hav any web to suggest for info regarding IW? (pls dont just gave me the definition) note: i hav search it on9 for quite a long time, but didnt get any useful info. so hope dat , u guys out dere can lend me a hand. dont give me something TOO complicated(like EPA)

Answers:How odd, you have asked the same question 4 times in the past 6 months. It must be some school project. Some sources of hazardous waste that people don't think about are: semi-conductor manufacturers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, research labs, aerospace, weapons makers, dry cleaners, car mechanics, etc. In addition to any place that uses batteries, light bulbs or paint. The effect of improper disposal can mean contamination of food sources. Like dumping waste in the ocean or rivers will poison fish, which are then eaten by animals and humans. Ingestion of mercury happens that way. Other chemicals are flammable, explosive, poisonous gas, spontaneously combustible, dangerous when wet, poisonous, infectious biohazard, corrosive, radioactive and miscellaneous junk like PCB's, asbestos, lead and chromium. You can figure out what will happen if you don't dispose of them properly. The EPA and state of California routinely tour and grade the company I work for to see if we are doing everything by the book. The book being the Hazardous Materials, Substances & Wastes Compliance Guide. To control improper disposal companies are fined big money if they don't store or dispose of their chemicals properly. They are also routinely toured by the EPA and whatever local enforcement agency there is. Companies that produce haz waste contract a company like the one I work for to dispose of their waste. Everything we pick up has to be manifested or else we won't allow it in our gate. Try the website below, it sums it up in somewhat easier terms.

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Gates Fluid Power Manufacturing Solutions

Gates Fluid Power division designs and manufactures hydraulic and industrial hose systems from start to finish. Gates Fluid Power has 18 manufacturing plants, in 15 countries, on 5 continents and offers globally consistent products and world wide distribution. Watch the video to learn more about the Gates Fluid Power Division.

food manufacturing - clean production line

using ARMEX blasting to clean production line in food industry

Rescue Battery Containment Systems: John Leto Interview

For more information on Rescue Containment Systems visit John Leto, Account Manager for Motive and Standby Power discusses the new Rescue Containment Systems and their components. Rescue Battery Containment Systems, engineered by Quick Cable are the best solution for containment and neutralization of battery acid. Designed to comply with the Uniform Fire Code (UFC) article 64, Section 104.d and 104.e., OSHA and EPA regulations, our Containment Systems integrate superior engineering with industrial strength materials to offer the highest level of protection for stationary lead acid battery systems. Rescue Containment Systems are engineered by Quick Cable, an ISO 9001 2008 manufacturer.

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