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Bromination Confusion!!

Compounds that had this tertiary carbon would brominate fully SLOWER than bromine that only had I read that Bromination occurs FASTER when the radical formed from the initial propagation is more , hence compounds that had this tertiary carbon would brominate fully SLOWER than bromine that only

Bromination of methylenedioxy toluene

To monobrominate an activated toluene derivative. my reagents are bromine and aceticacid . I evaporated my aceticacid and I am left with a dark almost purplish liquid. (my starting material an activated toluene derivative. my reagents are bromine and aceticacid. I evaporated my acetic

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Answers:Bromine can react with alkanes to form several different products. I'll use ethane as the example alkane. The numbers should all be subscript. Br2+C2H6 ------> C2H4Br2+H2 OR Br2+C2H6 ------>C2H5BR + HBr If you need to draw the structure, the Bromines just replace the Hydrogens.

Question:For example, bromine added to an alkene and bromine added to benzene. Which does bromine act as - a nucleophile or electrophile?

Answers:In both the cases bromine act as an electrophile In a reaction with alkene it is electrophilic addition reaction In a reaction with benzene it is an electrophilic substitution reaction.

Question:Hi, I am currently working on some chemistry coursework, which involves identifying an unknown organic compound. However, I am slightly confused as to where to start because a website has said that when phenol is reacted with bromine water w white precipitate is formed, which means I could identify either phenol, alkene or alkane with one test. But my class mates don't seem to have this information that a white precipitate is formed when phenol is reacted with bromine water. Is this correct or should I only use bromine water to identify an alkene or alkane and do a test for phenol later.

Answers:Reaction with bromine water : If bromine water is added to a solution of phenol in water, the bromine water is decolourised and a white precipitate is formed which smells of antiseptic. The precipitate is 2,4,6-tribromophenol.

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Episode 14: Unsaturated Hydrocarbon + Bromine

In this experiment I react the alkene, Lycopene with bromine. Lycopene is responsible for the red colour of ketchup and tomato. All alkenes under go addition reactions. When the double bond is broken and bromine is added, a new compound is formed.

The Home Scientist 020 - Isolating Bromine

Isolating elemental bromine from sodium bromide, sold as bromine base in pool and spa supply stores.

Br (Bromine radical)

Sir is explaining the principle diffrence between the reactivity and selectivity of Br radical and Cl radical during halogenation (here of alkane)..... and for all this he takes the help of............ AISHWARYA!!! waise interesting story........ and special thanks to Preity and Rani......! enjoy!!!

Addition of Bromine to Alkenes

Recorded on October 6, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.

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