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Character development: Homogeneous or heterogeneous?

Hi, I know the title may not have absolutely anything to do with what I'm trying to put on the table but ignore that, my ... subject is: How do you think character development should go? Do you think it's alright for the writer to dedicate himself... One character per episode is okay by me, especially if which character it is rotates. It helps if the author has a sense ...

Homogeneous vs Heterogeneous

Us, does a homogeneous country do better than a heterogeneous country? In other words, does a country look at the world around us, does a homogeneous country do better than a heterogeneous country of cow gives heterogeneous milk? When I was a kid, we lived (for a time) in a small town

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Answers:heterogeneous mixture.

Question:Ok I need a little help with my homework... I did it all so don't tell me to go do it myself because I'm stuck on this question, I can't find a clear answer anywhere in my textbook or online and I'm determined to understand this. Describe what you would do to form: a) a heterogeneous mixture of sugar and salt crystals b) a homogeneous mixture of the same substances answer & explain please i don't really understand my chem teacher...

Answers:Heterogeneous means that there are discrete particles of each substance present in the mixture. To make this kind, just mix salt and sugar. The result is a mix of grains of both. In a homogeneous mixture, OTOH, there are no separate particles (beyond individual atoms or molecules, at least). The only kind of truly homogeneous mixture is a solution, in which atoms or molecules of one substance are simply in the spaces between the atoms or molecules of the other. To make a homogeneous mixture of only sugar and salt (with no water involved) you'd have to dissolve the salt in the sugar. It's conceivable that you could dissolve a limited amount of salt in melted sugar to get a solution. If you did, that would be a homogeneous mixture. If water is allowed, you could dissolve both the salt and the sugar in water. In that case, although the mixture (solution) is homogeneous, water is the solvent and the salt and sugar are solutes so there are actually three substances involved (a homogeneous mixture of salt, sugar, and water). It's therefore not strictly a homogeneous mixture of just salt and sugar.

Question:(a) iron (c) soda pop (b) the air you breathe (d) distilled water Use the terms "element" "compound" "homogeneous mixture" or "heterogeneous mixture" to classify the following substances. Need Help~~~~~~~~~~

Answers:a) iron -- element (b) the air you breathe -- Heterogeneous mixture (c) soda pop -- homogeneous mixture (d) distilled water -- compound (b) is the hardest, because in truth the atmosphere is a heterogeneous mixture of various gases. the air you breath is most likely a homogeneous mixture locally, but this will change on a regular basis. it will depend on the definition of "the air we breath" and how much volume is considered.

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Homogeneous first order ordinary differential equation

I discuss and solve a "homogeneous" first order ordinary differential equation. The method involves a substitution. Such an example is seen in 1st and 2nd year university mathematics.

Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Mixture

Making strawberry milk (homogeneous mixture) and bowl of M&Ms (heterogeneous mixture).

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