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0 , demres = 0 ; cout<< "This program performs operations on fraction. Enter" <<endl , den1, den2, numres = 0, demres = 0; cout<<"This program performs operations on fraction = 0; while (choice != 9) { cout<<"This program performs operations on fraction. Enter"<<

Calculations with fractions

I'm trying to do some math involving fractions and I can't get it to work. Here's a simple example I get are A2: #VALUE! A3: Err:502 I'm using version 3.2.0 Is it even possible to do math with fractions You need to format the cell to fractions: I forgot to mention that I did try formatting the cells

Estimating fractions from percentages

Often I see a percentage or decimal that is a rounded value of a fraction and wonder what actual fraction it might represent. For example, a baseball player's batting average is .342; how many hits didn't have 700 (for example) at bats as no fraction with 700 as the denominator rounds with 3 sig

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Question:1. The calculator on the computer when you hit start..if so which view? 2.Can you simplify them on there? if so.. 3.Can you add the simplify fractions also? if so thankyou<3 :D

Answers:i think u just need to key them as divisions, meaning, example 1/16 x 20 + 10/33, u key as 1 divided by 16 times 20. then 10 divided by 33 plus the answer earlier on.

Question:I've got this problem for my math investment..I pretty much know how to calculate this on a normal scientific calculator but with my TI-84 Plus, I do not. the problem is. 500[1-(1 + 1 3/4%)^ -91] My main problem is with the fraction.... 1 3/4 How will I able to calculate that on TI-84 Plus?

Answers:For mixed fractions, you could simply add the whole number component and the fraction component together: (1+3/4). However, the problem you gave has the number as 1 %. The TI-84 Plus doesn't have a percent key. So, it would probably be easier to write the mixed number as a decimal, or to divide it by 100. Ex: 500(1 0.0175)^-91

Question:i use the calculator on the computer and i dont know what button makes fractions.

Answers:use the divide button. It may look like /

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Fractions to Decimals Calculator Skills lesson

The Query Complexity of Estimating Weighted Averages

Google Tech Talk February 4, 2010 ABSTRACT Presented by Tony Wirth. The query complexity of estimating the mean of some [0, 1] variables is well known to the theory community. Inspired by some work by Carterette et al. [SIGIR 2006, pp 26875] on evaluating retrieval systems, and by Moffat and Zobel's new proposal for such evaluation [under review], we decided to examine the query complexity of weighted average calculation. In general, the problem requires the same number of queries as estimating the mean, as the latter is a special case. In fact, there is a matching upper bound for the weighted mean. This result remains true for any set of weights that is the normalized prefix of a divergent series. However, if the weights follow a geometric sequence, a much smaller sample is sufficient. Finally, we investigate power-law sequences of weights and show matching lower and upper bounds. This is joint work with Amit Chakrabarti and Venkatesan Guruswami and Andrew Wirth. Tony Wirth joined the faculty of the University of Melbourne's Computer Science department in 2005. Prior to that, he completed a PhD, as a Gordon Wu Fellow, at Princeton University in 2004 on approximation algorithms for clustering problems. Tony completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Melbourne, majoring in statistics. His research interests also include sequence problems in bioinformatics and adaptive sampling.

Java Fraction Calculator

Okay, this was around one hour of work with JAVA netbeans. I was only programming java in the past 2 1/2 months, so I'm good... I think and I hope. The minigame was around 15 minutes and I think it may still contain some bugs

Calculating Required Sample Size to Estimate Population Mean - where you can find free lectures, videos, and exercises, as well as get your questions answered on our forums!

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