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Question:In a 0.075 M solution of a weak monoprotic acid, the H30+ concentration is 3.8E-3 M. The acid ionization constant of the weak acid is? The answer is 2.03 E-4 but I dont know how to get this? Any help

Answers:H+ + A- = HA where HA is your weak (undissociated) acid, and [A-] + [HA] = 0.075M is the amount of acid you tossed in the pot. [H+][A-] / [HA] = Ka and you know that [H+] = [A-], so you can calculate [HA] and then calculate Ka

Question:3 properties that may be measured to distinguish among acids of different strengths. the Ka? pH?

Answers:Might I also suggest "polyprotic" acids, relating to how the acid dissociates to release 1, 2 or more Hydronium ions... Example H3PO4

Question:Calculate the acid dissociation constant of a weak monoprotic acid if a 0.5M solution of this acid gives a hydrogen-ion concentration of 0.000 1M? Hint: Monoprotic means containing one proton. Compare and contrast the properties of acids and bases. Cite two similarities and two differences.

Answers:check in the norman and lambert text..they have really good explainations for this

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acid base organic chemistry example

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