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Question about the classification of levers in the human body

So basically there are three types of levers: Classification of LeversClass1 - The fulcrum... three types of levers in strength training are: Class1 - Seated dumbbell triceps extension Class... Quote: : so basically there are three types of levers: Classification of LeversClass1

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Question:It is for my Professional Communication class, and I have to write a 2-page paper on one of the topics, so they need to be things that take at least 6 steps and is a little more complex than making a PB and J. Lol. (That's about all I can think of for myself...) You're so clever, katiebird.

Answers:How about "doing my homework" (1) Turn on my computer (2) Log on to yahoo (3) Ask other people to do my assignment (4) Scan people's answers (5) Choose a best response (6) Copy and paste (7) Eat a sandwich Come on, girl! use your brain! You do more than make PB&J everyday, and everything requires a process. Think about it

Question:I need to do this for my geometry class. Describe at least three real-world examples of isosceles and equilateral triangles and include a sketch or picture of one. Please give any description if you can and if you have a picture of any one that would be even greater!

Answers:Roof lines often look like isosceles triangles. http://www.flickr.com/photos/24418961@N05/2467691109/ coat hanger is isosceles http://www.flickr.com/photos/24418961@N05/2466755628/ school banner is isosceles http://www.flickr.com/photos/24418961@N05/2478376220/ triangle road signs are equilateral http://www.flickr.com/photos/irishnyc/2967069713/ pool ball holder is equilateral http://www.flickr.com/photos/24418961@N05/2376435986/ equilateral triangle table http://www.hctc.com/~lgold/Images/Triangle-big.jpg the musical triangle is equilateral http://www1.istockphoto.com/file_thumbview_approve/135809/2/istockphoto_135809_triangle.jpg Great Pyramid in Egypt http://www.jmundyphotography.com/egypt/images/Giza%20Great%20pyramid.jpg

Question:This is the formula: salicylic acid + acetic anhydride -> acetylsalicylic acid + acetic acid Apparently from what my book says this is how you create aspirin. First of all, am I correct in saying that the by-product (waste product) is the acetic acid? Also, is this reaction endothermic or exothermic, because our teacher did not teach us about this example, and are book gives no clues if anything is given off from the reaction, or not. And finally on a different note... The question is: Write a word equation for the reaction depicted in Figure 1-5b of the text. It reads: The reaction of hydrated barium hydroxide and ammonium nitrate absorbs energy. The temperature of the matter in the flask drops as the product forms. That is all it says, and this is only my 7th day of chemistry, and she did not even teach us what a "word equation for a reaction" is. I promise I am not trying to cheat I did everything else on the worksheet except for these few questions. Best answer will be chosen In the equation you gave, what do the ^'s represent/ or are showing?

Answers:Yeah, that is how you create aspirin--we just did a lab on it in my chem class last week. The acetic acid would definitely be the waste product. As for being an exo- or endothermic reaction, I'm not entirely sure but I'm going to guess endothermic simply because I didn't notice any heat being given off... and we ended up submerging the mix in boiling water, so I'm guessing that was to absorb the heat energy. The word reaction, I would guess, is probably something like, "Adding hydrated barium hydroxide to ammonium nitrate is an endothermic reaction that yields..." umm... let's see... NH4^+ + OH^- ---> H2O + N2? Maybe? The products are the only thing that I'm unsure of.

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Highline Excel Class 46: CHOOSE function 4 Examples

See 4 examples for the CHOOSE function: 1.Randomly CHOOSE names (where value is "text" (in quotes)) 2.VLOOKUP with 3 three tables. Select Table for VLOOKUP with CHOOSE, where the value is a defined name (could be range or cell) 3.Use CHOOSE for Survey Results (Choose rounds down number to integer) 4.Use CHOOSE to choose function This is a beginning to advanced Excel class taught at Highline Community College by Mike Gel excelisfun Girvin Busn 214 BTech 109

The Princess Bride-Newton's Three Laws of Motion

Haha, this is a video project for my Physics class on Newton's Three Laws of Motion. We used the movie parody The Princess Bride, for our examples.

One Molecule, Three Forms

Water can be found in 3 physical states: Gas, Liquid, and Solid. In our Natural Science class this fall semester, we learned how to tell the difference between liquid and solid based on the distinct properties of the molecules. When viewing the liquid state of water, one can see that it is much denser, has shorter hydrogen bonds, and is less organized. In comparison, the solid state of water is less dense, contains longer bonds between the hydrogen bonds, and has a tight form of organization. The hydrogen bonds between the molecules are caused do to the attraction of opposites, the water molecules having both a negative and positive end. These bonds are very fragile and easily broken, are temporary structures, and vary in length, as demonstrated with examples of the Solid and Liquid states of water. A film by Irina Gulbrandsen, Michael Saacke, Jose Andres Chavez and Elin Boman.

Lever Lesson and Quiz (Start Video)

This video introduces the lever as a simple machine and provides detail into what makes up a lever system. Special attention is given to the three classes of levers and how to identify each. This is a start video for this activity and quiz questions branch off of this video.

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