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By the point (3, 1). The y term of B is: A. -6 B. -5 C. 3 D. 5 E. 9 4. The angle, a , the equation ... units E. 137.0 units 3. The line segment joining the points A (-3, 7) and B (9, y) is bisected with equation y - 3x + 4 = 0 is: y - 3x + 4 = 0 y - 3x = - 4 y = 3x - 4 gradient = 3 perpendicular...

Catalysts Multiple Choice Question

The activationenergy. B.) Decrease the energy of activation. C.) Change the path of the reaction... that catalysts can speed up reactions rates? You must check all answers that apply. A.) Increase Take a closer look at option C : If the activationenergy is lowered, this means that the reaction

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Question:Which of the following statements about weak acids is correct? a. Weak acids always contain C atoms. b. The percentage dissociation for weak acids is usually in the range 40-60%. c. Weak acids can only be prepared as dilute soutions. d. Weak acid molecules have a strong affinity for acidic hydrogen. I think its D?

Answers:I think so too! Weak acids don't dissociate much - they 'hold onto' their hydrogen ions more (i.e. strong affinity).

Question:1. Accounting is the information system that provides information to various users. What process(es) does this include? A) processing the data into reports B) communicating the results to decisions makers C) measuring business activity D) all of the above 2. A $5, 000 account receivable is collected. How is the accounting equation affected? A) assets increase $5, 000; liabilities decrease $5, 000 B) assets increase $5, 000; assets decrease $5, 000 C) assets increase $5, 000; liabilities increase $5, 000 D) assets increase $5, 000; owner's equity increases $5, 000 3. A limited liability company possesses which of the following characteristics? A) A limited liability company is an "artificial person" in the eyes of the law. B) A limited liability company joins one or more individuals as co-owners. C) If a limited liability company cannot pay its debts, lenders cannot take the owners' personal assets to satisfy the obligations. D) All of the above are characteristics of a limited liability company. 4. The primary objective of financial reporting is to provide information useful for making investment and lending decisions. To be useful, information must possess certain characteristics. Which of the following is NOT one of the basic characteristics that accounting information must possess to be useful. A) reliability B) comparability C) relevance D) an owner's equity section

Answers:1. d 2. b (cash increased by 5,000 and Accounts receivable decrease by 5,000) 3. c 4. d

Question:Q1.Matching the following terms with their correct definitions or examples. 2.biome 3.habitat 4.population a. a group of populations b. a group of the same species in the same area c. grasslands or tundra d. the place an organism lives Q2.The relationships of plants and animals to each other and their environment is what ecologists call _____. a.ethology ecosystem c.a biome environmental group Q3.Biotic factors cannot live without abiotic factors. a.True b.False Q4.A coniferous forest is an example of a _____. a.biome c.habitat d.population Q5.The acacia tree provides a habitat and protection for ants. This is considered its _____. a.biome b.ecological niche c.ecosystem d.biotic factor Q6._____ refers to a balanced ecosystem. a.Great equality b.Dynamic equilibrium c.Grand balance Q7.In a 10 m2 ecosystem, there are 60 raccoons. What is the population density of raccoons? a.6 per m2 b.10 per m2

Answers:Q1 A 2.biome- C 3.habitat- D 4.population- B Q2 B Q3 True Q4 A Q5 B Q6 B Q7 A

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6. Alkenes - Multiple choice questions

Alkenes multiple choice questions suitable for AS or A-level chemistry. Part of a set of tutorials on alkenes, suitable for AS chemistry, International Baccalaureate or equivalent. Content includes bonding, shape, EZ isomerism, electrophilic addition and polymerisation.

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With Friday sittings of Parliament abandoned, the Speaker decided to experiment with new forms of Question Time. By Hugh Atkin with Judy Haddrick, John Atkin and Jeremy Atkin. A Sledge Video http

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