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GeneralKnowledge Q&A Thread

Something, post it here. This is NOT for - My car died, why? type questions. This is for general discussion start a new topic. Why do you want to mix 100 topics all in this one thread? They don't have , you can start a new topic. Why do you want to mix 100 topics all in this one thread? They don't

Generalknowledge question about compression ratio and camshaft selection...

As I did and do a port an polish head work? thanks all for you time and knowledge, we are newbies detonation and at least my basic knowledge are leaner the meaner and it is all about ignition timing retarding ignition to prevent detonation and at least my basic knowledge are leaner the meaner

[ GeneralKnowledge ] Graduate Assessment Test (GAT-General)

Luck! +1 EXP Similar Threads: [ Fun ] Test your eyes ! Pak Nation Test [ GeneralKnowledge ] Doop Test Graduate Assessment Test (GAT-General) for admission in MPhil A little about the test for those who Questions (MCQs) = 100 Total Test Time = 120 Minutes (2 Hours) Test Type: Paper Based (GAT- General) GAT

Activity : Generalknowledge Quiz -September 2010

For the month Of September, I am here with a GeneralKnowledge Quiz for u all. So, please test and increase ur knowledge by this Quiz. but please make sure * Once you answer the question right written by William Shakespeare??and when??? No, its generally considered that the first English novel

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Question:After reading lots of questions and answering a few I noticed that there is a horrifying and marked lack of knowledge among adoptive or soon to be adoptive parents about the affects of adoption for the child. My adoption was relatively closed, but I have found things out more recently but it is really traumitising being lied to and not knowing your identity. Are adoptive parents actually aware of this? And do they realised that their adopted child/children could be shattered inside but don't know how to ask about their history because they have strong fears? And have adoptees had good experiences with their adoptive parents? Any adoptees share their experiences?

Answers:Most of them just don't have a clue do they? No, I don't think they are aware or they wouldn't be so dismissive of adoptees feelings I love my adoptive parents with all my heart but they will never understand me. to them I came as a 'blank slate' and sometimes it is the ignorance that hurts so much At least adoptees have each other to relate to and it's comforting to know your feelings are entirely natural, despite those people who try to pathologize adoptees, and we can support each other At the age of 36 I was finally 'permitted' to have some scraps of information about my real family. That piece of paper with their descriptions (and names blacked out, including mine!) is the most precious possession I have ever had How come nobody empathises with adoptees. If anyone had ever thought to say to me 'oh you lost your mother, that's so sad' I would probably cry and say 'finally, someone understands'.

Question:against off-shore drilling / for off-shore drilling Iraq war was a mistake / Iraq war is a central front in the war on terror. he wants Americans to prosper financially, yet he votes 19 times against raising the minimum wage. was opposed to, and voted against the Bush tax cuts for the rich / voted to extend and wants to make Bush's tax cuts for the rich permanent. thinks Americans are better off now than 8 years ago / no no not at all. the Iraqi neighborhoods are safe, no need for body armors / he was photographed wearing a body armor and surrounded by more than 100 American soldiers and 2 black hawk helicopters overhead. he knows a lot less about economics and still needs to be educated / he has extensive knowledge of economics. expert on foreign policy / spain is in latin America against government bailout of AIG / now he's reluctantly for it. has no problem with gay marriage / does not believe gay marriage should be legal. is jerry falwell an agent of intolerance or isn't he?? never supported amnesty for illegal immigrants / wants to extend a program where AMNESTY is extended to illegal immigrants. he even called his plan AMNESTY. saw no need to overturn Roe vs. Wade / now he's a staunch opposer of abortion and will appoint justices on the supreme court that are pro-life. where does he stand??? we may never get a straight answer form Sen. John McCain the "straight talker"

Answers:Okay, prove to me that Americans prosper financially when the minimum wage is increased. LOL McCain wasn't my first choice, but I will NEVER vote for Obama.

Question:Determine the general solutions, in degrees, for the following equations. 2sin^2( ) + 2sin( ) - 3sin( ) - 3 = 0 Please be as explicit as possible. Thanks! How did you factor it? My skills are a bit weak.

Answers:let's assume that U = sin( ) your equation becomes: 2U^2 + 2U - 3U - 3 =0 simplify: 2U^2 +(2- 3)U - 3 = 0 this quadratic equation factors into: (U+1)(2U- 3)=0 which means that U1 = -1 U2 = 3/2 now, since we defined U = sin( ) we can go back and solve for U1 = -1 = sin( ), this means that the sin ( ) = -1, which when you solve for inverseSin(-1) = 3pi/2, but since this cycle repeats every 2pi, you have to add n*2pi, with n closed under z (integer). so: 1 = 3pi/2+2pi*n, n equals to all integers U2 = 3/2 = sin( ), solve for = inverseSin( 3/2 )= pi/3 now, sin = 3/2 in this general sequences, pi/3, 2pi/3, 7pi/3, 8pi/3, 13pi/3, 14pi/3.... so develop this equation for the sequence = 2/3(3pi*n+pi), n equals to all integers so to conclude: 2sin^2( ) + 2sin( ) - 3sin( ) - 3 = 0 = 2/3(3pi*n+pi) and 3pi/2+2pi*n

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The General Formula

Thanks for watching the video. We decided to make math videos because we think we can make a difference. We are students and we think that its easier for another student to understand an idea if its explained from a student's point of view. We really hope this effort help someone, it makes us proud to think we are somehow helping the world :) Even if nobody finds this useful, we are trying, and that's exactly what the world needs. If you would like to see more videos about math, or learn more about us Please visit us at: For more information there you can find more videos related to math, on various subjects. You can also participate in the forums, where you can ask questions related to math or simply discuss with people who support our cause.

General Knowledge Quiz#1 (Medium)

Just a few questions at the intermediate level. Not a basic quiz for most people

IQ Test MCQ Interview Questions Answers math intelligent general knowledge2

6 multiple choice Questions test Download general iq tests answers mcq testing my self your self all best logical logic math kids brean math mathematical IQ Test MCQ Interview Question Answer answers online free 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 all part full free video test score exam paper intelligent...

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