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Pictures, please!!

T--tea, tofu, toilet paper, Tianamen Square, Terracotta Warriors, Tai Chi, table tennis, tigers 01/2009* DS Korea 02/2010* Go ahead and copy and paste these pictures. Tiananmen Square (postcard) Great Wall Forbidden City Liurong Pagoda Temple of Heaven More Forbidden City More Tiananmen Square

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Question:We are going to start saving up for our several year emergency food storage and was wondering how to go about storage for dog food. I would be getting large amounts like years worth and although I know all bags even unopened have an expiration date but will it still be ok for them to eat say in a situation that they "had" to like emergencies and had no other choice. It wont like kill them right? I dont know of any other options when it comes to years worth of food storage for our pets. Thanks for any help.

Answers:If you have a vacuum food sealer machine, use that. Food will not spoil as long as air cannot get to it.

Question:The full question is: How is the food chain being affected in the rain forest if there is pollution on land, water and air? can i have an example ( animals that are being affected ) or a picture of a food chain in the rain forest?

Answers:If there is pollution in these areas, think of it as a domino effect. Let's say there is air pollution. This leads to acidic rain, which then pollutes more air, water, AND the land. Okay, now let's think about the water animals, first. What if the crocodiles died off? Sounds good - no more predators - but the niche, or purpose, of crocodiles is to control the number of, let's say, anteaters. Without crocodiles, there would be a lot more anteaters, which means they would eat a lot more ants. The ants wouldn't exist anymore, and then other insectivores would go hungry. Or, you can think of it the other way around. Let's say the pollution affected the land and sunk into the soil. Then the trees would get infected and die. There would be no fruit for the monkeys to eat. Jungle cats like jaguars and birds of prey like hawks rely on these monkeys as a food source. The hawks and cats would die, so there would be a surplus of other animals that the predators used to eat. For example, there would be too many wild boars and, yes, anteators again. That means the wild boars would eat the rest of the vegetation, and the anteators would eat all the ants. The rainforests would destroy itself.

Question:it is a picture

Answers:Chinese Food Pyramid The traditional Asian Pyramid is a thali that is round in shape and has similar portions to the map created by the USDA shown below. http://www.ethnicfoodsco.com/China/ChineseFoodPyramid.htm Have a nice day...

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Best Picture 2003

The nominees are: "City Of God" (Miramax) "Finding Nemo" (Buena Vista) "The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King" (New Line) "Lost In Translation" (Focus Features) "Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl" (Buena Vista) And the winner is... THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING (New Line) produced by Peter Jackson, Barrie M. Osbourne and Fran Walsh

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HD is your friend.. I finally finish this request from AlphaGalacticide. This video is also enter to Electro Lynx Production Team's audition. Here's the information, what they ask but in enter's description: Favorite color: red Bandana or Tie: Bandana Cat or Bunny: Cat :3 I really hope that you all like this one. ^^ And comment would be nice. xDD ______ Movies: Aladdin, Bambi 2, Spirit SOTC, Hercules, Aristocats, Balto 1, Lady and the Tramp 2, Lion King 1&2, Little Meirmaid, Fox and the Hound 1&2, All Dogs Go To Heaven 2, Beaty and the Beast Music: Taio Cruz ft. Ke$ha Song: Dirty Picture Edit: Sony Vegas Pro 9.0

Adults Go Wild Over Latest In Childrens Picture Book Series

Adult readers say they are drawn to the 'Green Man' children's book series by the complexity of its characters ranging from yellow to blue.

Go Nigeria

Go Nigeria, is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization, founded by Peter Fretheim to help orphans and widows in Nigeria (www.GoNigeria.org or www.ServeNigeria.org). By the year 2010 it's estimated there will be between 16-18 million orphans in Nigeria. Feed an Orphan for 10 Cents! "Change" a Life! Ten Cents! To begin raising money for our annual end-of-year food drive, please start saving all your pennies, nickels, dimes & quarters. Recruit your family, friends and co-workers to help, too. Literally every dime you collect and donate feeds an orphan an entire meal! Visit www.GoNigeria.org or www.ServeNigeria.org. This video features the song "Orphans of God" by Avalon. Avalon, 2008 Word Entertainment LLC, A Warner/Curb Company. Music and lyrics are property and copyright of their respective owners and are provided for educational and informative use only.

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