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Question:6th grade math question regarding permutations and factorials. A teacher puts a class into groups of 5 with the directions that each group member must meet with each of its group members. what is the total number of meetings per group. The teacher's edition textbook says the answer is ten. But i can't come up with this answer. also, it is imperative that you use the factorial while solving this equation. this would mean doings 5! in the calculator, or simply 5*4*3*2*1, etc

Answers:kids a b c d e ab cd ac ce ad de ae bc bd be

Question:Okay at school today we did a mini lesson on them (6th grade) I don't have trouble in math but today i was in epp so i missed the lesson can you gi v a me a short lesson on it

Answers:n this section, you will learn how so solve inequalities. "Solving'' an inequality means finding all of its solutions. A "solution'' of an inequality is a number which when substituted for the variable makes the inequality a true statement. Here is an example: Consider the inequality displaymath125 When we substitute 8 for x, the inequality becomes 8-2 > 5. Thus, x=8 is a solution of the inequality. On the other hand, substituting -2 for x yields the false statement (-2)-2 > 5. Thus x = -2 is NOT a solution of the inequality. Inequalities usually have many solutions. As in the case of solving equations, there are certain manipulations of the inequality which do not change the solutions. Here is a list of "permissible'' manipulations: Rule 1. Adding/subtracting the same number on both sides. Example: The inequality x-2>5 has the same solutions as the inequality x > 7. (The second inequality was obtained from the first one by adding 2 on both sides.) Rule 2. Switching sides and changing the orientation of the inequality sign. Example: The inequality 5-x> 4 has the same solutions as the inequality 4 < 5 - x. (We have switched sides and turned the ``>'' into a ``<''). Last, but not least, the operation which is at the source of all the trouble with inequalities: Rule 3a. Multiplying/dividing by the same POSITIVE number on both sides. Rule 3b. Multiplying/dividing by the same NEGATIVE number on both sides AND changing the orientation of the inequality sign.

Question:6th grade math problem.? Solve Each Equation. Write Each Answer In Simplest Form. 1) 3/8x = 2/8 2) 11/12y = 2/3 3) 1 1/2m = 6 4) 2 1/4c = 2 1/3 5) It takes 5/6 hours to make a hat. How many hours does it take to make 30 hats ?

Answers:1. Multiply both sides by 8x; you should get 3 = 2x. Divide both sides by 2, and x=3/2. 2. Multiply both sides by 12y; you should get 11=2*4y; the right side can be simplified, leaving 11=8y. Divide both sides by 8, and y=11/8. 3. Divide both sides by 1 1/2 (the same as dividing by 3/2, or multiplying by 2/3). You should get m=4. 4. Convert both sides into mixed numbers; you should have 9c/4 = 7/3. Multiply both sides by 4/9, and you should get c=28/27, or 1 1/27. 5. Let "h" represent hours to make a hat. To make 1 hat (the same as when h=1), you need (5/6)*1, or (5/6)*h, hours. To make 30 hats, you need (5/6)*30, or 25 hours.

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6th Grade Math Class

WEBSITE: www.teachertube.com Mary Pat included in 6th grade math class. SEE interpreting and FM system. Made by Dr. Barbara Luetke Texas Womans University bluetketwu.edu Permission granted to use for any educational purpose.

6th Grade, Maths, ESOL

A 6th Grade ESOL teacher uses the Patterns of Thinking to break down algebraic terminology.

6th Grade Math Project

our 6th grade math project.

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