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Rail height

I was wondering, does anyone have the rail height info for the different track manufacturors of the plastic track, with a wood block. I used a feeler gauge to measure the height and then super Tko-.015 Because we measure in thousandth's, which is a super-tight tolerance, rail height for any

Left and right side ride heights different?

Nav Coupe. Standard suspension. Are the unladen left and right ride heights supposed to be the same ? I noticed mine is about a 1/2 inch lower on the right side with no one in the car. You can really see about from what I can tell anyway mine do. Makes sense! Quote: : The ride height is set this way so

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Question:I just downloaded Gimp 2 picture editor and I have no clue how to use it. I want to know how to change eye color in pictures, so if anyone knows please explain

Answers:There are plenty of resources on the gimp site to help you. The paint brush tool may work. Select paint brush, select colour and change the opacity to around 50% and paint it over the eyes, you will still see the details of the eyes but the colour will be changed. This works best in black and white pictures, you may need to play around with different opacities and colours to get the look you want.

Question:Does a picture of the insides of an atom or the like exist?

Answers:You cannot take a picture of the atom or its inside using a camera All that we can do is to study the properties exhibited by the atom and try to explain them by assuming different models of the atomic structure. If a particular model can explain the observed properties then that is the correct model of the atom. So we get a "picture" of the atom. We construct a mental picture and give it a shape as in a diagram of an atom with the nucleus at the center and the electrons circling it at a large distance.

Question:Hi, I'd like to teach my 3 year old daughter about different foods using pictures. She loves helping Mummy and Daddy prepare food. Ideally i'm looking for a book that has pictures of a variety of food types (fruit, veg, herbs, spices, meat fish etc)

Answers:Why don't you and your daughter make one together? Cut out magazine pictures of food. Let her help you choose the pictures. Glue them on printer paper (if you use rubber cement, she can't help with the gluing, but your finished product won't be wrinkly), and you can slip the pages into those protective plastic sleeves. You can buy the sleeves at WalMart or Staples, and they're not very expensive. Add some simple text to each page. You don't need big, long complicated words. Keep it simple. Instead of Chicken Cacciatore, just put Chicken. Instead of Summer Fruit Salad, just put Fruit. Make a nice cover for it out of construction paper. Let her choose the colors, and let her choose a picture for the cover. Choose a title together, and name the letters as you are writing them on the cover. Use your name and hers as the author and illustrator, and be sure you use those terms as they are part of the book skills she should be learning before kindergarten. What a great way to spend time together, teach some nutrition skills, and teach some literacy skills all at the same time! Have a wonderful, fun time with it!

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Picture Frame Crafts with Leaves

My Mom and I gathered some leaves for a festive inexpensive fall craft. You'll need: Glue gun and glue sticks x-acto knife and cutting mat or a stack of newspapers to cut on glass cleaner some dollar frames some paint markers to cover any knicks in the frame leaves in different colors construction paper (acid free) scissors I didn't actually show how I did this but I basically bought these frames from the dollar store and took out the picture that was in the frame. I had to use the x-acto knife (to take old glue off) and the cleaner before I decorated and re-glued. Some frames were easier to work with than others. The two glass frames are really nice and fairly easy to work with. The hardest one was the two black smaller framed ones. However those can lend a very cute shadow box look to your craft project. The set of three pictures that were standing up on the table were the simplest to work with. The inner borders came with the frames so it looked fairly professional when they were done yet also had a small feel of shadow box as well since the leaves were not pressed down with glass. I used low heat glue gun for the leaves to anchor them in place onto the construction paper. Then I glued the paper to the back of the frame to keep it from sliding. Just a dot will do. I'm sure there may be some procedure to preserve the leaves before you put them in the frames but I just put them in newspapers and under a heavy book for a few days to dry before using them in any projects ...

Relaxing Music with Pictures of Nature

Great song for those who have stress and want to relax. Thanks for Mother Nature's best talent with pictures. All pictures are from around the Earth at different times. EDIT: Sorry for the Atomic Bomb in 2:05, this picture was accidentally highlighted in the making. Music - Album: Sleep Song : Sea of Dreams Lead Artists: Sandro Mancino Composers: None specified. Musicians: None specified. Nature Sounds: No selected natural sounds. reflectionsmusic.com I DO NOT OWN NOR CLAIM THE SONG AS MINE. Questions? no problem! Just send me a message via PM and I'll get to you ASAP 08 1:04:01 - 2008 Views 10/08/08 - Thank you for the 7000 Views! 10/25/08- 8800! I love you guys. 12/28/08- Thank you all for favorite 100 times! and 18000+ views! 1/07/09-Many thanks for 20k+ Views!!! 2/9/09 - 30k+!!! thank you so much 1/01/09 - 40k+! thanks!!! 3/25/09 - 50k+ views, thank you! 7/-?-/09 - Video hits viral!! thanks you all for watching! look for part two, which will soon be uploaded, when I get the hd setting going on. Thanks again!

The Milky Way Big Picture

Science & Reason on Facebook: tinyurl.com The Hidden Universe of the Spitzer Space Telescope (Episode 22): The Milky Way Big Picture (Showcase). Two and a half billion infrared pixels are exposing our own Galaxy in this new image from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope! This is the Hidden Universe of the Spitzer Space Telescope, exploring the mysteries of infrared astronomy with your host Dr. Robert Hurt. --- Please subscribe to Science & Reason: www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com --- It's the Milky Way as you've never seen it before! Two and a half billion infrared pixels are exposing our own Galaxy in this new image from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope! Science is all about getting the big picture, but some pictures are definitely bigger than others. You may have used your computer to make a large panorama yourself by stitching together a few shots from your camera. Depending on the camera the final picture may contain ten or twenty million pixels. Now can you imagine taking over 800000 images and combining them into a single two-and-a-half billion pixel image? Two teams of astronomers have not only imagined it... they've used NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope to make one. And it's online for everyone to explore. Over 50 astronomers have worked on this massive project since the Spitzer mission began. This image combines data from two different legacy projects known as GLIMPSE, headed up by Dr Ed Churchwell and MIPSGAL, led by Dr. Sean Carey ...

Reading picture books

See how a teacher uses different strategies to engage children in a book and help them expand their vocabulary. Go to our Web site at highscope.org to view more preschool video clips.

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