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Using lisp, the POLAR function should do it. I suspect this is a .Net question. If that is true want to do the calculations directly, The Math/Trigonometry is shown in the attached spreadsheet arguments: - a 2d or 3d point - an angle expressed in radians relative to the world X axis - the distance

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Question:I am not doing well in Algebra 2 and my teacher said I could get my grade to be an A if I could answer this extra credit question. I asked all my smart friends and no one knows. please help. my dad will kill me if I fail. Question: Can linear algebra be replaced by algebraic geometry in a systematic way?

Answers:This is not a fair question to someone who is just a learner. You would need to be very familiar with both linear algebra, and algebraic geometry, in order to answer it, so it would seem to me to be obvious that you could not compose an answer to this question yourself. You could only get the answer from another source, which does not mean that you know/understand the subject matter ( or even understand the answer.) I'm not surprised even your smart friends couldn't answer it. I'm afraid I can't answer it either. If your dad's so brilliant, ask him what the answer is.

Question:1. Allegra has a cell-phone plan that charges $65 per month and $0.10 for every minute that she uses the phone beyond what her plan allows. One month, she was billed $73.40. a.Define a variable for the unknown. b.Write an equation to model the problem. Explain your answer. c.Solve the equation. Show your work. d.Find the number of minutes that Allegra went over the time that the plan allows. Explain your answer. 2. Andrea wants to deposit money into a bank account that earns 4% simple interest. Use the formula to find the amount of money that she should deposit so that she earns $2800 after 3.5 years. Show and explain your work. 3. Solve the equation and write the solution set. |4x 8| 3x = 6x + 2

Answers:answer 3: I 4x-8I -3x + 3x = 6x + 2 +3x I 4x-8I = 9x +2 4x -8 = + (9x +2) and 4x -8 = -( 9x + 2) 4x-9x = 10 4x +9x = 6 -5x = 10 13x =6 x = -2 and x 6/13 s.s = { -2 < x < 6/13} it is difficult to write here mathematics join me at www. a teaching website with online white board ) send me an e-mail I will guide you further

Question:Will give 10 points to best answer, PLUS I will choose you has best answer for another question too. 1. Part of an algebraic proof is shown below.¤t=geoma_0209_r1.png a.) (Vertical Angles are Congruent) b.) 3x + 20 = 5x 16 (Substitution) c.) _______ = 16 (Subtraction Property of Equality) d.) 2x = 36 (Subtraction Property of Equality) e.) x = 18 (Division Property of Equality) Which statement completes this proof? 2x 2x + 20 2x 2x + 20 2. Part of an algebraic proof is shown below.¤t=geoma_0209_r2.png a.) (Angle Addition Postulate) b.) = 90 (Definition of Complementary Angles) c.) = 3x + 3 (_____________) d.)3x + 3 = 90 (Substitution) e.) 3x = 87 (Subtraction Property of Equality) f.) x = 29 (Division Property of Equality) Which reason completes this proof? Transitive Property of Equality Reflexive Property of Equality Addition Property of Equality Multiplication Property of Equality

Answers:1) Using subtraction we subtract 5x from both sides. This gives us -2x + 20 = -16 2) Transitive Property of Equality Transitive Property of Equality If a = b and b = c, then a = c. Let a = 90 b = ANGLE WXY c= 3x + 3 a = c By Transitive Property a = c 90 = 3x + 3

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