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Negative number of backlinks :-0

Hello, can someone explain me how a site can have negative number of backlinks and indexed pages??? :eek: Look here at the tool: ht tp://,20.html,result#r Then put in the domain: ht tp:// It shows -1 (minus 1!) backlink and -1 indexed page in Google :eek: Do I miss something? :confused:

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Negative numbers: some whys

With exponents. I can also see how, say, (4)x(-4)=-16 But when you multiply two negatives, you get the math a lot easier if you could say the higher object was at 0 feet and the lower object at -5 feet =0, Event A at T=-4 and Event B at T=-2, that way when we want to look at how long certain things

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Question:How would you add this set of numbers in Excel. 710 058 505 158 820

Answers:In A6 put =SUM(A1:A5)

Question:i.e. -a + -b = -(a+b) I came up with the following solution but I'm not sure: -a + -b = -1a + -1b (by identity property of multiplication) = -1(a + b) (by distributive property of addition over multiplication) = -(a+b) (by identity property of multiplication) I'm not sure if this is correct because it seems to easy and maybe there's a wrong or missing step. Also, I'm not sure about the very first step I made because it involves negative numbers. Lastly, I'm not sure if my solution is already correct and I'm just complicating stuff.

Answers:I think its quite right !! Good job!!

Question:Hi, I'm doing my physics homework and I'm working on a trigonometry problem. The triangle has an angle of 5.4 degrees, and the hypotenuse of this triangle .301 meters. I am trying to find the length of the side opposite the angle. When i plug this into my calculator, the answer is a negative number... but how could a length be negative? HELP!

Answers:You calculator is set to radians instead of degrees.

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Learn the Rules of Positive and Negative Numbers

John Zimmerman, explains how to add, subtract, multiply and divide positive and negative numbers

How to Subtract Fractions, How to "add" Negative Numbers

Please view entire playlist here: Hope these videos help!

How to add negative number with Positive number

This math tutorial video will help you lots with adding positive and negative numbers . Please watch and comment, if there is so mistake or something i should improve on , please tell me : D

[ HOW TO ] plus negative number with negative number using Rules. :)

This video will show you how to plus negative number with negative number using Rules. By Bew Chollabud ISE Thailand 6th grader 2010 ~ If you have any comment post it in the comment box below this video! :D vvvvvvv - - THANK YOU FOR WATCHING - -

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