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Answers:A polynomial is made by adding together monomial terms. You say that you want four of them: ( ) + ( ) + ( ) + ( ) Monomials are made by multiplying a coefficient (any non-zero integer - pick any four non-zero integers, the same or different it doesn't matter) by a number of variables (zero or more). A variable is a letter, usually thought of as representing an unknown number. You are told to use just "x", and at most 5 of them (the degree) in any term. If you use more than one "x" in a term, write them with a power: like x or x . Use a DIFFERENT (non-negative) power for each term, or else they will add together - collapsing into a single term. To have degree "5", one of the terms must have five variables, in this case x to the power of 5. In other questions they might ask you to have a "constant" term or a constant coefficient. That is a term with zero variables (think x to the power of zero, equals just one), just a coefficient, a number alone. Each term looks like: (coefficient) times (x) to the power (number) Ax^5 + Bx^e + Cx^f + Dx^g with any non-zero integers A, B, C, and D along with distinct non-negative integers e, f, and g less than 5.

Question:what's 3/ Q^2 plus 5 a monomial , binomial , polynomial , or none Also how about 7X - X + 5 which is it and 8g^2h - 7gh + 2 and also find the degree of -2r^8s^4 + 7r^2s - 4r^7s^6 and can you explain how you did it

Answers:i cant explain how i did it but the first one is a binomial so is the second one and the third one is a trinomial and i think the degree of the last one is 6

Question:Adding Polynomials. need to solve it out? (x2 + 3x to 5) + (x2 + 4x + 1) Multiplying Polynomials by a Monomial 6x (x3 + 5x2 + 3x + 1) 6a (a2 + 2ab + b2) 4 (2x2 + 3x2 y + 5xy2 + 3y2)

Answers:ADDING (X^2 + 3X + 5) + (X^2 + 4X + 1) =X^2 + 3X + 5 + X^2 + 4X + 1 (get rid of those parenthesis so you don't get confused) =2X^2 + 7X + 6 (combine like terms) MULTIPLYING 6X (X^3 + 5X^2 + 3X + 1) = 6X^4 + 30X^3 + 18X^2 + 6X (distribute, multiply the 6X by each of the other four terms in the parenthesis) *I don't know your mathematical background, so I'll just assume you know very little. If you're multiplying two terms with the same base, say 6X^2 and 4X^3, the rule is you multiply the coefficients together (6 and 4), keep the variable the same (X), but add the exponents together (2 and 3). In this instance, the answer would be 24X^5. Now if the base contains two different variables, say 3XY^3 and 5X^2 Y^4, you follow the same rule but you must make sure you don't mix X's and Y's. So for this example, first multiply coefficients (3 and 5), then the X's (X and X^2), then the Y's (Y^3 and Y^4) and then tack it all together. It equals 15X^3 Y^7. I worked out the first two problems for you, so you attempt the last two problems yourself. Math is good. It is the basis of the world.

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