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Internal/External diameter threading chart

Does anyone have a chart of the correct diameter a part should be for internal / external threading ? For example if you want half inch threads you should bring the OD to XX size. I was hoping to blow sizes, pitch, (threads per inch) basic major diameter, basic effective diameter, basic minor diameter...

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Question:Can you please answer the following questions about reproduction? thank you very much in advance. What do you think would be an advantage and a disadvantage of sexual reproduction compared to asexual reproduction? What would be two advantages of internal fertilization and development compared to external fertilization and development? Whats the difference between a gamete and a zygote?

Answers:Q#1 ~ SEXUAL VS. ASEXUAL ~ Why are most organisms sexual? The question of why most species reproduce sexually and others reproduce asexually has stymied biologists for years (particularly since asexual reproduction has many advantages including producing more offspring.) The question is answered in part in this week s Science Magazine, published on Friday, October 19. Studies by scientists at the University of California, Santa Barbara show that sexual reproduction wins out, in an evolutionary sense, over asexual reproduction in a major study that included 34 experiments with the common fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. Specifically, they discovered that the rate of progressive evolution (the accumulation of beneficial mutations) is faster in populations that reproduce sexually. "However, there is a high cost associated with producing males," said William R. Rice, first author and professor of biology at the UC, Santa Barbara. "Just do the math and you will see. And yet, look out the window and almost every organism you see reproduces sexually." The math is simple: with four asexual adults (females) you get eight offspring, but with two males and two females you get only four offspring. In other words, the asexual population grows twice as fast as the sexually reproducing one. The second part of the mathematical advantage is that the asexual adult female is able to put all of her genes into the next generation, whereas with sexual reproduction, each individual is responsible for only half of the genetic information in the offspring. "It s a dosage cost," said Rice. "My son only has half of my genes; the other half are from his mother. Only half of my genome is getting into the population. However, if I were an asexual female, my offspring would carry all of my genome. I would put twice as many genes into the next generation. With asexual reproduction you get two times as many offspring and two times as many genes into the population." There is a broad assumption in this scenario that males do not help with the care and feeding of offspring, although in a small proportion of species they do help: people, wolves, foxes and most songbirds. In these species it is possible to produce more offspring because of the help of the male. One hypothesis has been that the process of natural selection is more powerful when you mix genes in each generation. The UCSB scientists created populations that mixed genes and populations that didn t. For the fruit fly experiments, Rice and Adam K. Chippindale (a post-doctoral fellow soon to be on the faculty at Queen s University in Canada), used genetic tools to manipulate the fruit fly so that half were normal flies and half were asexual, and reproduced asexually (a situation that occurs in nature in several species, such as certain lizards and insects). "We created 17 populations that mixed genes and 17 that didn t," said Rice. "In other words, we had populations that were sexual and populations that were asexual." They followed a mutation at a gene that coded for eye color, specifically for red eyes versus white. They found that this beneficial red eye mutation began to accumulate in both the sexual and asexual populations, but not as much or as fast in the asexual populations. The researchers found that the efficiency of natural selection is higher because the "signal to background noise ratio of natural selection is higher in the sexual populations." This means that in evolutionary terms the sexually reproducing populations are the winners on average. "Almost every life form is sexual, but according to theory asexual populations should win out," explained Rice. "We knew there must be a big countervailing reason that asexual reproduction loses out to sexual reproduction." Rice and Chippindale knew that they needed a significant number of experiments in order to discover the average tendency. "Otherwise, it is like looking at whether or not wearing seat belts helps," said Rice. "You can t look at only one accident from which to draw conclusions, you need large numbers to show the average." In the experiments, conducted over a year and a half, the researchers were able to track individual mutations over time. They found that with sexual reproduction, the gene for red eye color rose rapidly toward "fixation" or establishment in the population. The proportion of the red eye color gets higher and higher over time until it is fixed at 100 percent. With the asexual populations the mutation began to accumulate, but eventually stopped in most cases. "We knew that there were advantages to sexual diversity, but it was not clear why," said Rice. "Now we have evidence that the rate of progressive evolution (the accumulation of beneficial mutations) is faster in sexual populations. We simulated that and saw that the sexual population gets the good gene faster. This is the first time that this has been consistent

Question:Do You think that You could name the anatomical organs and physiological components (both internal and external), as well as to list Their individual etiology and biological functions without recourse to a text book? The Masculine Reproductive System is far more complex and complicated than most people imagine. I was recently surprisedto discover the number of educated contributors to Answers who do not know enough about this subject to justify Their views and opinions with regards "Male Sexuality and Masculinity". Every Woman should be able to pass this simple test. Can You?

Answers:**************************************** The external sex organs of men are the penis and the scrotum. The penis is a sensitive organ important to reproduction and urination and to sexual pleasure. At its tip is the glans, which contains the urethral opening, through which urine passes. The ridge that separates the glans from the body of the penis is called the corona (Latin for crown ), or coronal ridge. The glans and the corona are the most sensitive parts of the penis. The glans is covered with a foreskin (prepuce) unless the man has been circumcised, in which case the foreskin has been surgically removed. The penis contains three cylinders of tissue that run parallel to the urethra. During sexual arousal, these tissues become engorged with blood and expand, causing the penis to enlarge and become erect (erection or tumescence). Men do not have a penis bone or a muscle that causes erection, as do some other animals. The scrotum is a pouch that hangs below the penis and contains the two testes, which produce sperm (the male sex cell responsible for fertilization) and are considered part of the internal genitalia. The testes also are the primary producers of testosterone (male sex hormone) in men. Inside the testes are about 1,000 seminiferous tubules that manufacture and store the sperm. The scrotum can pull up closer to the body when the surrounding temperature is low and can drop farther away when the temperature is hot in order to keep the testes at an optimal, constant temperature somewhat lower than body temperature. After sperm are produced, they move out of each testis and into the epididymis, a long tube coiled against the testis, where the sperm are stored and mature. The vas deferens transports the sperm from the epididymis through the prostate, after which the vas deferens becomes the ejaculatory duct. Here, fluids from the prostate and seminal vesicles (small sacs that hold semen) combine with the sperm to form semen, a thick, yellowish-white fluid. The average discharge of semen, called ejaculate, contains approximately 300 million sperm. KKG

Question:Statement A : an unbalanced external force is required to produced acceleration of a particle. (consider the case of a free falling object) Statement B : Gravity is an internal force which do not change the total mechanical energy of an particle, only interchange it between Ek and Ep Both this statement is 100% true, but they kinda contradict each other, HELP ME SOLVE IT PLEASE

Answers:Gravity is not an internal force. It is external to the particle via nearby mass. One could argue that gravitational forces help keep the parts of an atom together if they have mass, but there are other forces involved with the internal atomic structure that are MUCH more relavent than gravity.

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How to set up Black Magic Intensity Pro Capture Card - Part 4 - Capture using Media Express

This is a basic Howto tutorial for setting up and using the Black Magic Intensity Pro capture card. It is a $200 piece of equipment, and records HDMI or component. It also has HDMI inputs and outputs, as well as a breaker cable to record the component inputs and outputs. This video shows how to use the Black Magic Media Express software, which comes with the drivers from the Black Magic website. This particular capture card is the internal version of Intensity Pro, which works through PCI-express. If your computer has USB 3.0 (USB 3.0 is the newest version of USB, so older computers will not have it, and this is only on newer motherboards, as of today) you can buy the Intensity Shuttle, which is an external capture card, but does exactly the same thing as the Intensity Pro, it just works through USB 3.0 instead of PCI-express. Common Problem: --No video or audio in the Media Express preview window 1: Triple check to make sure the cables are all connected correctly (where console component cables are into the INPUT, and an extra set of component cables are in the OUTPUT). 2: If you are recording off the Playstation 3, you MUST use component cables. The Playstation 3's HDMI signal displays in HDCP instead of HDMI, and the Intensity Pro will not capture HDCP. 3: Make sure your consoles are set to display in 720p or 1080i, the Intensity Pro will NOT detect 480p, 720i, 1080p for console capture. 4: In the Media Express program, click Edit-Preferences and make sure the capture ...

HQ: Peace Conference 2009 - Fariq Zakir Naik - Concept of God in World's Major Religions [Part 5/7]

High quality version of public lecture delivered by the son of Dr. Zakir Naik; Fariq Zakir Naik titled "Concept of God in World's Major Religions" at the International Islamic Peace Conference 2009 held at Somaiya Ground Mumbai, India 2009, as shown on Peace TV. International Islamic Peace Conference 2009 - Understanding Islam & Global Unity is a 10 Day International Islamic Conference & Exhibition that was held on 30th October to 8th November. The location a vast ground, Somaiya Ground (Spread over 30 acres) Sion (E), Mumbai, India. Admission is free: People of all religion were welcome. For more information please visit our official website: PEACE TV - THE SOLUTION FOR HUMANITY Peace, internal and external - be it on an 'individual' or at a 'worldwide collective 'level, is a must for Effective Human Progress and realistic Global Unity. Peace perishes in the use of force or deceit or destroyed - no matter which side of the fence you are on - you are bound to lose. Upholding justice and human rights, eradicating poverty, as well as incalculating moral values based on our Creator's Diving Guidance are a must for achieving World Peace. We cannot achieve effective world peace without goods governance and morally sound human beings. The conference will focus on presenting the proper understanding of "Islam" and its message of "peace" for the entire humanity in an effective and objective way as well as allay the misconceived fear and hatred towards Islam ...

Global Shift & 2012 Probabilities (Part 1 of 5) Changes to Earth, Sun, and Solar System Part 1 This video includes: Ivan/Evon Stein discussing the global warming swindle and scientific proof of what is really causing global warming; the 25% reduction of the Sun heliosphere over the last 10 years and what external or internal force is affecting the Sun electromagnetic field; PlanetX/Niburu, Galactic Equator; every planet in solar system is changing and becoming hyperactive (higher luminosity, thicker atmosphere, higher energy fields); polar ice is melting on Mars, Venus has extreme storms; are the Sun cycles possibly causing changes to Earth and our solar system; something is causing Earth to enter a new ice age; preparing for a pole shift.

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