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"Queue Correlation Values not enabled" error even after adding "WaitForIdle...

Hi, I'm getting the "Queue Correlation Values not enabled" error, even after adding the "WaitForIdle" argument. Following is the extract of the code, WorkItemService work = new WorkItemService on using the .NET WF can be taken only after solving the issue. If the .NET WF is unstable, i need

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Question:a weak acid has a pH of 5.31 and a concentration of 5.35 x 10^-3 mol dm-3, I have to work out the Ka and pKa values for this. please help (: thanks

Answers:Here's the technique: http://www.chemteam.info/AcidBase/Calc-Ka-from-data.html

Question:There are many organic acids and bases in our cells and their presence modifies the ph of fluids inside them. One of these is lactic acid, CH3CHOHCOOH. A solution of equal concentrations of lactic acid and sodium lactate has a ph = 3.08 Using these values determine the pKa and Ka values of lactic acid.. What would the Ph be if the acid had twice the concentration of the salt sodium lactate? Thanks

Answers:The relationship between pKa and pH is: pH = pKa + log [HA]/[A-] With the concentration equal, the pKa is just the pH of the system. pKa = 3.08 Ka = 10^-3.08 = 8.31E-4 [EDIT]: If the acid was twice the concentration of the sodium salt, then [HA] = 2x, [A-] = x. pH = pKa + log [HA]/[A-] pKa = pH - log [HA]/[A-] pKa = 3.08 - log [2x/1x] pKa = 3.08 - log[2] pH = 3.08 - .301 pH = 2.78

Question:An airline claims that the no-show rate for passengers booked on its flights is less than 6%. Of 380 randomly selected reservations, 18 were no-shows. Find the P-value for a test of the airline's claim. I am not worried so much about the answer as to HOW to get the answer.

Answers:Let P be the proportion of no-show rate for passengers booked on its flights. Ho: P =0.06 Ha: P < 0.06 Estimated p = 18 / 380 = 0.0474 Variance of proportion = p*(1-p)/n = 0.06(0.94)/380 =0.0001484 S.D. of p is sqrt[0.000148] = 0.0122 Z = ( 0.0474 - 0.06 ) / 0.0122 = -1.0368 From Normal probability table , P( z < -1.0368) = 0.1492 p-value = 0.1492

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Ti 83/84: Linear Regression & Correlation (V09)

This video demonstrates how to generate the least squares regression line for a set of (x, y) data, how to make a scatter plot of the data with the line shown, and how to predict values of y using the regression line on the Ti-83/84 series graphing calculator.

Excel Statistics 89: Hypothesis Testing With Critical Value & p-value

See the Excel functions NORMSINV for critical value and NORSDIST for p-value. Detailed description and examples for steps necessary to conduct a Hypothesis Test about a Population Mean. 1.Hypothesis Testing Test 2.Null Hypothesis 3.Alternative Hypothesis 4.Alpha Type 1 Error 5.Beta Type 2 Error 6.Tests Statistic z 7.Test Statistic z 8.Critical Value and p-value 9.Hypothesis Testing Test About a Population Mean Sigma Known (z Distribution) 10.Conclusions about Statements about whether they are reasonable or not 11.NORMSDIST 12.NORMSINV Busn 210 Business Statistical Using Excel Highline Community College taught by Mike Gel excelisfun Girvin

z test p-value approach

Describes the 6 steps of the z-test hypothesis test using the p-value appoach

What is a P-Value?

Description and practical interpretation of p-values. Includes an easy-to-remember phrase for rejecting/failing to reject a null hypothesis.

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