Adapting a lesson for a gifted student

August 26, 2011

Every child is gifted in some way or the other, but some children exhibit extraordinary talent. Gifted children are those children who have an outstanding capability of competence and aptitude in one or more domains. Gifted children possess skills that are a little above the average children and as such they are able to perform the tasks easily and also faster than the rest.

Since these children complete their tasks early, they have some extra time to spare till the rest of the class completes the same. To keep them motivated and occupied, teachers must devise some programs which can encourage the child to a higher learning level; else these children may lose their interest, become bored and lose focus.

Here are some pointers which teachers can use in the classroom to help keep the gifted active and motivated.

  1. Have an independent project for the gifted children, which will not only keep them occupied, but also give them a chance to explore and work better. You can also encourage them to use their critical thinking skills to identify a problem and look for a possible solution for the same.
  2. Get the gifted child to indulge in activities, both inside and outside the class. There are various activities which are available in a school and giving these children a chance to work on some of them will get them to use their talent and help them stay motivated. These activities also help in nurturing their inborn talent and also unleashing their creativity.
  3. Gifted students always complete their work ahead of others and teachers find them to be a helping hand for the other students. Do not use the gifted children as a tutor for the other students; instead give them a chance to work on something which they like.
  4. Every gifted child has a different interest. Identify the child’s interest and encourage him/her to work on it. Not only will the child nurture his/her interests, but also learn at the same time.

Gifted children must be identified by their parents and the teachers. Once their talent is identified, both the parents and teachers must work together to nurture it.

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