Answer writing tips during exams

January 20, 2012

Good scores are always appreciated by parents and teachers, but the route to get these scores is never understood properly by students. A simple mistake can be the reason for low scores, while a smart answer can build up your scores. Teachers can help find out the best way to score in an exam. However, here are a few tips for students to help them score better in an exam.

  1. Read the questions carefully, slowly and without any hurry. The first instance of understanding the questions gets imprinted in your memory and your brain will start giving you answers.
  2. Attempt one question at a time i.e. do not think about another question while answering the present one. This will only cause confusion and lead to mistakes in your answer.
  3. Mark the key points in the question and the answer which is the highlight. It makes it easy for your brain to process the information in a much better way.
  4. Identify the section and the marks associated with each section. :
    1. A 1 mark question usually requires only the single word which is the actual answer or a sentence or two at the max.
    2. 2 marks question requires a couple of sentences to be written and to the point. Try to start by emphasizing the main point which is the answer.
    3. 3-5 marks require at least 10 sentences to be written. It must be written neatly and also clearly, without any ambiguity. Start by building your answer in such a way that it shows your knowledge on the topic. Keep it concise and yet to the point. Deviating sentences can lead to cut in the scores to be awarded. Also, make sure that you do not dump sentences wherever you feel like; they need to be framed properly and must flow easily.
    4. Answers for sections with marks more than 5 are termed as essay type answers. This section will have to be attempted with care, since there is a lot of information which goes into this answer. Just like a typical essay, one has to start off with introduction to the topic, followed by the body and conclusion. Every sentence has to be framed chronologically; this helps in the smooth flow of the answer.
    5. Time every section accordingly, so that you will have enough time to attempt every answer and section.

Scoring well during exams can happen only when the content in the answers pertains to the questions. Also, if the evaluator finds that there is no connection between the answers and the questions, he/she will cut short on the marks awarded to the students. It is therefore important that students write clearly and correctly, rather than just filling up the answer sheets with sentences.

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