Child neglect – a grave matter of concern

July 4, 2011

When parents, guardians fail to provide enough care to the child, the child feels neglected. Neglect can be of various types; physical, emotional, educational and medical. Various cases of neglect can either be easily spotted or left unnoticed. It is only when the neglect extends as a long –term behavior; it is considered as child neglect. Moreover, child neglect and child abuse are two distinct things as child abuse involves a causing of intentional physical injury to the child.

The physical aspects of the act determine the outwardly noticeable form of the child neglect.  The instances determining the neglectful behavior of the child are when the parent or guardian cannot feed the child properly or is not in a position to provide proper shelter. In some case parents fail to provide the adequate levels of supervision and therefore they are liable for the illegal acts committed by the child.

Another vital form of child neglect is when the child is left with no medical care and medical facilities even when the child is sick or has sustained injury. This can seem to be a controversial topic since many religions across the world do not opt for modern medicines in treating various illnesses.

Educational child neglect is a case where the parent either refrains or does not provide the adequate education to the child. This is the case where the local and national educational requirements have to be met. The law considers that a failure to provide the traditional or modified education to the child to be neglectful as it the proper development of the child’s learning ability is impaired.

Lack of emotional support to the child is another aspect of child neglect. Emotional neglect can make the child scared of social interactions. This is because the child has a very low self esteem and self –worth. The emotional neglect may seem to be very simple in nature but it can have serious and severe impact on the child reducing their emotional capacity and making them weak throughout their life.

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