Preparing for exams

December 8, 2011

Preparing for exams is a task which all of us have to face. With CBSE having changed the exam pattern and introducing summative assessments, it is becoming easy for students to study and score better. Summative assessments are divided into 2 parts. Whatever the students study for SA-1 will not be repeated in SA-2, making it easy for students to prepare for the exams.

Although the number of chapters for an exam is reduced, students still face the challenge of studying various subjects. For any student, the problem of preparing for the exam comes because there are many subjects and chapters which go into it. Appropriately using time is required to balance the study schedule and also enhance the learning process.

Here are some tips to help you prepare well for the exams.

  1. Devote the required time – any activity requires time. We are all happy to devote time towards watching TV or playing but not studies. It is therefore important that one allots time for studies and sticks to it, no matter what happens.
  2. Prepare a schedule – This is one of the toughest activities that can be done, given the time frame and subjects in hand. Take into consideration the easy and difficult subjects, length of the chapter and your interest to prepare a schedule. For example – if you are very good in English, then a quick run through for 5-10 mins is enough. Plan accordingly.
  3. Make notes – notes act as a quick reference material just before the exams. This will help you remind all that you have studied.
  4. Spend extra time for certain subjects – certain subjects require more attention for you to understand better. Give them that time, apart from the one which you have scheduled.
  5. Practice – subjects like mathematics require extra practice for one to be clear and good in the concepts. Try to schedule a different time for such practice sessions or do some work in school during your free time.
  6. Finish prep early – do not wait till you reach a month or fortnight before the exams to start or finish your preparation. Always finish early and this will give you time for revision.
  7. Put up the time table – prepare a time table clearly stating your schedule for studies vs. other activities and display it in a place where you can see it. This will induce the sense of seriousness and motivate you to follow it. It will also help your family plan for any outings considering your study schedule. Change the time table every month, because not all days are the same and you can also incorporate any new changes easily. Mark the schedule everyday you stick to it to motivate you to do better.

These are a few tips which can help you prepare well for the exams in the given time frame. With many subjects to be learnt, it becomes important for you to manage time well to be able to do justice to your studies.

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