Simple ways to ‘go green’ at home

April 12, 2012

We all like a day that is cool and pleasant and frown when the day is hot and humid. One can notice that there has been a rise in the level of atmospheric temperature, which is a result of many known and unknown factors. With depleting forests, ozone layer, polar ice caps and many more, it is becoming increasingly important for us to conserve our environment through various ways. One of the many methods to achieve this is by going green.

Going green is a very simple concept wherein everyone tries to contribute towards the betterment of the environment. This can be done by planting more trees, conserving water, using sunlight for lighting and fresh air instead of air conditioning and so on. All the little things which we can do to save our earth from total destruction are what we call as going green.

Here are some simple steps by which we can make our home a ‘green home’.

  1. Encourage greens in the house – plant lots of plants, herbs and little shrubs which can help bring in more oxygen. Not only does this give your sight a cooling effect, but also chills down your home.
  2. Encourage sunlight into your home – sunlight is a natural form of lighting which can brighten up any home. Keep the windows open to allow fresh lighting to lighten your home. One can not only reduce the use of electricity, but also not have to worry about constant power cut which is most often seen during summers.
  3. Plant more trees around your neighborhood – planting more trees in and around your neighborhood can help bring in more fresh air and reduce the heat in the atmosphere.
  4. Stop using plastic bags – by now all of us are aware of the fact that plastic bags do not decompose easily and takes almost 500years to do so. Why burden our lovely earth to carry this non-decomposable material and ruin it? Carrying jute bags solve the purpose and are also trendy to carry.
  5. Rain water harvesting – this is yet another method of making the best use of the available resources. Rain water harvesting is helpful in diverting rain water, thereby aiding conservation of water.
  6. Buy organic food – organic foods are those edible things which use minimal or nil chemical fertilizers to grow. Not only are you contributing to a better living, but also a better earth by reducing the use of chemical fertilizers.

These are some of the little ways by which one can contribute to a greener environment. This would be a first step in retracing back to mend the damage caused to the environment.

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