The legend of Midas

July 29, 2011

Let me tell you a story, a story of King Midas of Phrygia in Asia Minor. He was a very wealthy and a greedy king.  He was fascinated towards gold and wanted to have more gold. The vaults in his palace were filled with a lot of gold and he loved counting them the most. Sielenos was an elderly companion of God Dionysos, the god of wine and he separated himself from the God. Sielson was captured by Midas and was treated with a lot of hospitality. When Midas returned Seilson to God Dionysos, he was granted a wish by the God.

The king wished for a golden touch (he wanted a wish that changed everything he touched into gold). When God asked him whether he was sure about the wish, the king replied with an affirmative way. God said, Starting tomorrow morning, you will be bestowed with a golden touch”.  The king felt that this was a mere dream and forgot the episode. The next day arrived and the king saw everything that he touched turned into gold, including his bed, clothes, utensils, flowers etc.  When he peeped out of the window, he found his little princess (daughter) playing in the garden.  He planned for a good surprise for his daughter and wished to read a book. The moment he touched the book, it turned into gold. He was frustrated and he finally decided he decided to have his breakfast. His touch changed the food into gold. He could not resist his hunger and then commented saying “I cannot eat or drink gold”. At that moment his daughter rushed to him and he hugged her, she turned into a gold statue.

The king was shaken with the fact that he had turned his daughter into gold and wept the whole day. He then requested God Dionysos to reverse the spell. God then asked Midas, “What do you prefer the most, gold, your food or your beloved daughter?” Midas replied, “Give me my daughter and I will give my gold to the needy and poor.” God then asked Midas to bathe into the river Paktolos to wash away the curse and then the sand on the banks of the river was imbued with gold. This reversed the spell and he got back his daughter.

The moral of this story is that, one should not have distorted values as they lead to tragedy.  In life, only a few get a second chance. The ones who don’t get it cannot reverse the tragedies occurred due to their deeds.

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