Tips for teaching discipline to the child without spanking

September 28, 2011

Most of the parents are concerned about child discipline and they find it to be a controversial subject. The views of the parents vary based on their perspective about teaching and maintaining a discipline in their child’s life. Some parents favor spanking and physical discipline as it is considered to be the universally accepted form of discipline. There are a few other forms of disciplines or alternatives available for the parents who wish to discipline their child without adhering to disciplinary form of spanking.

One must bear in mind that you need to be extremely calm disciplining your child. Parents need to control their anger and never react in the heated moment. Never take up steps that you may have to regret in future. So whenever you feel that you are angry just stay calm and try coming out of the situation. You can do this either by asking your child to go back to his/ her room or telling the child that the matter shall be discussed after some time.

Children tend to crave for seeking attention of the parents in a positive or a negative way. The child expects parental attention most of the times. During this time, yelling, lecturing does not help. You need to decide calmly the level of discipline that you wish to have for your child and its actions.  Parents have to ensure that they are united in front of the child. This is because the child can sense the division in the relationship and manipulate things in his/her favor. Parents should never project that one of them is a lighter in terms of discipline than the other.

Sometimes parents have to ensure that the disciplinary action that they take is relevant to the offense committed by their child. For instance: if the child breaks a vase in the house, he/ she needs to save money by doing some extra chores in the house and replace the item. The child has to respect the elders and if fails to do so then need to write a letter apologizing for the behavior.

In certain cases the behavior is so negative that the discipline cannot match upto it. This is the time when the parents need to tell the child that such an inappropriate behavior is not acceptable and that the child may have to face certain consequences for this irresponsible behavior. If the child pays no heed to your explanation you can take away an important thing that the child loves. For instance: television, video games etc.

Parents need to stand by their decision no matter which method they choose to discipline their child. Sometimes children, scream, cry, throw tantrums, argue or manipulate things but you need to set the boundaries for them to make them understand that such a behavior is not acceptable. Parents can calmly tell the child about the consequences of inappropriate behavior.  This is how the children learns from its mistakes and improve one’s behavior.

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