How to Improve Your General Knowledge | Tips for Improving General Knowledge

September 10, 2013

how to improve your general knowledge

General knowledge is not just a fund of information that a student requires to do well in quiz programs and competitive exams.  General knowledge broadens one’s knowledge of the world, its diverse cultures and history and also keeps one updated about current events.   By having a good general knowledge base, students will be well informed and better equipped to take broad-based actions for the greater good.   General knowledge can also help them to gain a deeper understanding of the intricate dynamics in play around them.

The following are a few tips to improve one’s general knowledge and become an ace in quizzes.

  1. Be book smart: It is not possible to visit every nook and corner of the world in one’s lifetime.  Similarly, it is not possible to go back in time to view historical events or view every sports or current affairs event on TV or visit every historical site and experience each and every scientific phenomenon.  Books are a window to the world, and by being a voracious and active reader and visualizing and noting down key points, a student can improve one’s general knowledge.  It is important that students read a vast array of books from all types of works of non-fiction to works of fiction.  Also, do browse through encyclopedias and almanacs in the library.
  2. Read a variety of newspapers and magazines: By reading newspapers and magazines, you will be well informed about current affairs as well as get interesting insights into different topics from history and geography to scientific developments.
  3. Visit museums, historical sites and botanical and wildlife reserves: Be a responsible traveler and visit museums, historical sites and botanical and wildlife reserves to deepen your understanding of the world and enhance your general knowledge.
  4. Attend conferences and seminars: If you hear of knowledge-enhancing talks and interactive sessions being held on campus or in town, do not miss the chance to build your knowledge base.
  5. Watch information channels and visit educational and information sites on the internet: Information channels like the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, etc, can give you a good exposure on various general knowledge-enhancing topics.  Also, browse the internet under the supervision of your parent for good and wholesome educational and information sites.  Watching selected movies with historical or literary inputs also helps in enhancing your general knowledge base.
  6. Take part in quiz programs and watch quiz shows on TV: Whenever you get a chance, participate in quiz programs in your school.  In this way, you will be charged up and be further inspired to enhance your general knowledge base.  Also, watch quiz shows which are not only fun but also informative.
  7. Be part of a quiz club: Be a part of a quiz club or a meet-up which encourages general knowledge enhancing conversations.   With like-minded people, you can share your thoughts and grow in knowledge together.

Good luck in all your quizzing endeavors and may your general knowledge base be enhanced to a good level.

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