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Mathematics not limited to the male population

September 19, 2011

Mathematics has always been associated with people who are considered to be nerds and most often than not, males. Not many thought that mathematics can be associated with females also. Aryabhatta, Euclid, Archimedes, Ptolemy are some of the names which one can find and hear about when people converse about math. Women have never...
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Learning mathematics – techniques and tips

June 24, 2011

Mathematics is that branch of study which puts many into a dilemma and also pushes people away from it. Though the concepts are many and simple, there is always a fear of being unable to understand them. Here are some tips, some of which you would have already heard from elders, but a very...
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Creating a love for maths

April 14, 2011

Mathematics is a subject which is always disliked by students for some reason or the other. To create a love for maths is a challenge faced by both teachers and parents. Mathematics is a very important subject and as such it cannot be avoided. No one actually knows the reason why it has been...
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Revision tips for math

January 17, 2011

Every student has to set targets to achieve when in school. Perhaps the one subject which requires the most effort and persistent learning is math.  It is important to have a proper plan in place when studying and revising for your Math exam. It is one subject where the more you practice, the more...
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